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16sepallday14octHussein Madi | Recent Works 2012 – 2019

Untitled, 2019, Acrylic on Canvas, 135 x 135 cm


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Mark Hachem is delighted to announce the Exclusive Representation of Master Hussein Madi.

In this exhibition, we will be showing four main eras of Madi’s art: his sculptures depicting birds, women, and movement through the use of geometrical shapes, his abstract paintings of women, his acrylic paintings depicting bright and bold shapes layered on top of one another, and finally his striking monochromatic prints of women on black paper. Through his work, we see the influence of the things that have shaped his life and his art equally.

Madi is a master in both painting and sculpture, something that is relatively rare in the art world, and his style varies throughout his works, going from kinetic to abstract to oriental art. He himself states that his art does not fit under a single movement, choosing rather to name it ‘The art of Madi’. Simply put, it can be defined as contemporary oriental art, though it is clear through the variety of the works and media that it is far more. The artist has been creating his pieces since the nineteen-fifties, and his style has been evolving consistently throughout the years. This exhibition will focus mainly on his most recent works, spanning the twenty-first century, and will demonstrate his understanding of art and his personal perception of it. After so many years working the trade, he is familiar with how he views his work and how he views the world, though he has never remained stagnant in his art. It is constantly growing and changing, from the medium to the use of colour to the style. He continues to discover more about himself and how he creates. After living and working in Italy for 22 years, Madi returned indefinitely to Lebanon in 1987. He never completely left Lebanon and from his Italian years of 1964 and 1986, Madi frequently visited his home country and remained contributing to the Lebanese art scene through solo exhibitions and teaching painting and sculpture.

Courtesy of  Mark Hachem


September 16 (Monday) - October 14 (Monday)



Capital Gardens, Salloum St. Mine el Hosn, Beirut, Lebanon


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Nabil Nahas, Untitled, 2019. Acrylic on canvas, 150 x 150 cm. Courtesy of Saleh Barakat Gallery.