july, 2020

01julallday31augIbrahim El Haddad | Serendipity

Ibrahim El Haddad, Untitled, 2020. Oil on Board , 50 x 60 cm


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Mashrabia Gallery is thrilled to announce their first show of the Summer: Ibrahim El Haddad’s solo exhibition “Serendipity”! Because of the current circumstances, this exhibition is held exclusively ONLINE on ARTSY.

In continuation with his last solo exhibition “Simple Things” held at Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art, Cairo based artist Ibrahim El Haddad returns with a new body of work deeper and more powerful than ever, yet imbued with a strong sense of calm and vulnerability. His figures, which evoke ancient Egyptian physical features, are represented in all their simplicity, stripped of all artifice or pretentiousness, leaving only what is essential, their noble presence and the fragility of their being. They are alive, breathing, almost frozen in time and space, thus radiating a strong sense of familiarity which encourages the viewers to further reflect on and deepen their sense of Humanity. The figures are no longer associated to their lands, cultures or traditions, but become universal beings, revealing themselves to themselves, emitting a deep emotional and human charge. The many natural elements in El Haddad’s paintings such as birds, fish and vines are not simply decorative elements, but hold a specific purpose: reinforcing the moment of communion with oneself, but also symbolises a new found connection with one’s surroundings, especially with Nature, exploited and abused for so long by mankind. Life challenges and everyday hassles pause as we form a deeper connection with the earth, and only in these conditions the essence of a person emerges. By travelling through Ibrahim El Haddad’s exhibition, the viewer undertakes a journey of introspection and self-exploration, giving him the courage to look towards the distant horizon in all tranquillity, serenity and without being afraid of what is yet to come, in all serendipity.

Courtesy of Mashrabia Gallery


July 1 (Wednesday) - August 31 (Monday)


Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art

8, Champollion St. Qasr El-Nil, Cairo, Egypt


Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art http://www.mashrabiagallery.com/

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