december, 2018

08decallday16janIbrahim Nubani | Dream - Work


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Zawyeh Gallery is pleased to present “Dream-Work”, an exhibition featuring the work by Palestinian-Israeli Artist Ibrahim Nubani. The exhibition will showcase 25 of his recent abstract paintings.

Ibrahim Nubani is an artist whose work has been strongly linked to themes of trauma and therapy, his paintings called “schizophrenic” in their attempts to wrestle with the contradictions and alienations of his own dual Palestinian-Israeli identity. Certainly, these works have a frenetic, even neurotic quality: thick black geometric patterns repeat across often chaotic and colorful canvases, and the weighty symbolism of eyes, trees, and prison bars is everywhere, alongside more mundane images. Nubani himself insists that his abstract works have no documentary intent: their politics lies in their capacity to gesture towards the possibility of liberation beyond the figurative. Yet the paintings are also palimpsests, whose visible layers record the process of their own production: the bright colors beneath, and all their meanings, are not effaced by the symbols on top but cluster around, and in places overcome, them. Dreams, according to Freud, are always palimpsests; it is the dreamlike (or nightmarish) qualities of Nubani’s works that shine through most clearly, perhaps most of all in the ways they challenge interpretation.

Courtesy of Zawyeh Gallery


December 8 (Saturday) - January 16 (Wednesday)


Zawyeh Gallery

7A Al-Zahra street, Al-Baloo’, Ramallah, Palestine


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