september, 2018

12sepallday19novJerusalem - Jamil MolaebGalerie Janine Rubeiz


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The Lighthouse

Dome of the human relationship with heaven, the disk or the half disk reflecting the light of civilization.

A geometric equation to a doctrine, to a beginning, to a universal question… to  universal beauty, to lines: straight, bent or intersecting… crossing over Earth, disturbing trees and their fruits… the soil and the seasons of nature which merge with the fabric of the human imagination that swings and soars with joy, reverence and aspiration.

You are the epitome of those who seek meaning behind words and speech.

You are the color that cannot be abolished, the sound that never interrupts whispering melodies in the bows of the arches of your minarets and churches, in the links of your keystones to history… in the struggle, in the wars of survival, in the search for truth and freedom.

You are Jerusalem, the embodiment of beauty, the divine city of salvation, the immortal righteous torch.

You are the uncompromising land, the rock that can’t be abolished no matter how long wars are waged.

You are Jerusalem, the city of cultures the torch and the lighthouse of freedom.

You are the manifestation of our traditions, the inspiration to our art and poetry. You are the bearer of our conscience and speech. You are our ultimate prayer.

You are the holiest of the holy, the cross of sacrifice, the church of resurrection ever standing, the way of the cross. You are the persistent and continual sparkle of humanity looking for peace on the altar of forgotten justice.

You are our Jerusalem. To you our humble prayers go every day.


Jamil Molaeb

Courtesy of Galerie Janine Rubeiz


September 12 (Wednesday) - November 19 (Monday)



1st Avenue, Charles de Gaulle Majdalani Building (Bank Audi) Raoucheh


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