april, 2018

12aprallday30mayKais Salman | CitiesAyyam Gallery Beirut


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In his older works, Kais Salman utilises satire to subvert the normalisation of greed, vanity, and ideological extremism that is rapidly defining our era. Seeking to confront and exorcise sociocultural manifestations of such depravity, Salman taps into ugliness and abjection through intentionally hyperbolised imagery accentuated by punches of colour and aestheticised forms. In his latest series, the artist takes these forms and explores their abstraction, in search of new compositions.

Through the creation of these worlds, Salman aims to blur the line between our personal realities and those imposed on us by varying media channels. The artist does not attempt to recreate specific situations, but rather create new spaces in which the figures in his works come from an exploration of his own imagination. The paintings take the viewer through the many layers of human emotion, ranging from laughter and joy to fear, anger, and existentialism. The artist proposes abstract ideas and the possibility of new potential realities.

Featured Image: Untitled, 2018, acrylic on canvas, 190 x 190 cm


April 12 (Thursday) - May 30 (Wednesday)



Beirut Tower, Ground Floor, Zeitoune Street, Solidere, Beirut, Lebanon


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