july, 2020

09julallday29augLéo Chesneau | Twister

Léo Chesneau, Untitled, 2020, Toner ink on paper laminated on wood, 50 x 150 cm (19 3/4 x 59 in.) Madeleine Roger Lacan, Le Rêve / Le Piège, mixed media on canvas, 2019


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Here it is a question of lines, whether vertical or horizontal, straight or twisted, with warm or cold colours:
the exhibited paintings are made of these diff erent vocabularies, which come together and oppose each
other in this series.

A dialogue develops, in which tensions may arise and mistakes can be made.
It becomes clear that a confrontation is taking place, that between man and machine. The works are
constructed in a mechanical fashion, the paintings created by the errors produced by cutting and wedging.
The toner ink is then manually applied in layers. It separates the diff erent parts of the works, aiming to
increase the variations and diff erences, enriching the contrasts and adding complexity.

It is at this stage that a link is formed between man and printer.
The artist has thus substituted himself for the machine, using error as the fundamental tool for his production.

Courtesy of galerie frank elbaz


July 9 (Thursday) - August 29 (Saturday)


galerie frank elbaz

66 rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris - France


galerie frank elbaz[email protected] 66 rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris - France

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