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Mark Hachem Gallery – Beirut is delighted to present “Edens”, a solo exhibition by artist Nedim Kufi, featuring a selection of his most recent works.
Nedim Kufi’s work often compares Middle Eastern and European culture through images and thoughts vested in ambiguity and paradox. Kufi seeks gaps internationally within rationality, similarity and contradiction. A strong believer in minimalism, Kufi hopes to influence the audience’s perception through repetition and overlapping structures. He aims at reminding the viewers of their identities, cognition and social experiences.

Through his recent works, Kufi manifests the narration of cultural identity in a historic dimension.
He underwent a long journey of drawing and re-editing of Islamic art patterns, most of his work is a reference of that influence and an expression of the pride he puts into that history. To him, Al Hambra is not only an inspiring place and an artwork but also a lifestyle, with which he fostered the development of a distinctive method with his own unique artistic language.

His work is not based under one flag, its spirit is completely free and open, changing under circumstances. It is completely beyond the concept of identity or any other belonging. Kufi believes that art is the solution and communicator, it is created with passion and a bilingual visionary.

Nedim Kufi was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1962. He moved to the Netherlands in 1994 where he has been living and working as a multidisciplinary visual artist since. Kufi completed a degree in graphic design and multimedia at HKU in 2002 and has since participated in international shows and events around the world.

Courtesy of Mark Hachem Gallery


january 24 (Thursday) - 31 (Thursday)



Capital Gardens, Salloum St. Mine el Hosn, Beirut, Lebanon


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