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Dia Azzawi After Sunset, 2018 Acrylic on canvas 120 x 150 cm


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This group of recent paintings by celebrated Iraqi artist, Dia al-Azzawi reflect his abiding fascination with his country’s long and storied past. As a trained archaeologist who began his working life at the Iraqi Antiquities department in Baghdad, his references to Mesopotamian and Sumerian cultures reoccur throughout his oeuvre. Working in his habitual acrylic on canvas, Azzawi cites ancient cultures

as well as desert imagery in works such as Sumerian Sculpture, 2017 and After Sunset, 2018. In Sumerian Sculpture the figure is based on seated Sumerian sculptures found in the archaeological collections of museums in Iraq and worldwide, recognisable by its clasped arms and use of vivid colour, with the left leg raised. The vibrant hues of After Sunset were inspired by a trip to the desert, capturing the glow of ebbing daylight when the sun has dropped below the horizon of a desert landscape.

Courtesy of Meem Gallery


May 22 (Wednesday) - August 31 (Saturday)


Meem Gallery

Al Qouz, Dubai


Meem Gallery[email protected]

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