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“As we are formed from dust, how is it that flowers do not sprout in us?”

Artist Soad Abdel Rasoul raises this question in the introduction to her exhibition. This question might give us a glimpse of light to unravel the mysteries of her legendary world, and to make us wonder whether art follows the logic of things as we know them in the world in which we live, or whether it creates its own world and inner logic. Is it part of our pains, dreams, aspirations, or frustrations, or does it create its own private and intimate feelings? And, therefore, do the creatures of the artist’s world resemble us and our world at least in some qualities, or are they unique and individual, and it is up to us as viewers to try to understand this world as it is without projecting ourselves upon it? And more importantly, does the artist create his own world consciously, or is he a psychic recalling it by the magic of art and the spell of visual language ?

Soad Abdel Rasoul explores the intertwined relationship between human and nature by evoking the strength of the universe that lies within us. Her characters, which exalt the feminine, the emotional, and the overgrowing natural, merge on large-size canvases to remind viewers of the vital bond between the interior of the human body and the exterior.


January 13 (Sunday) - February 14 (Thursday)


Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art

8, Champollion St. Qasr El-Nil, Cairo, Egypt


Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art http://www.mashrabiagallery.com/

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Fallende Kreuze, plaster, 1991