september, 2018

17sepallday10octThe Warriors By Antonio Signorini


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Mark Hachem Gallery – Beirut is delighted to present “The Warriors, The Guardians of the Heritage”, a solo exhibition by Italian artist Antonio Signorini, featuring a selection of his most recent works. Art writer and journalist Anna Seaman writes: “Standing at life size and elevated on plinths, the seven bronze warrior figures ooze dynamism. Their limbs carry movement through their angular forms and although the place where their eyes should be is hollow, their connection with the viewer is certain. The hollowed segments in the eye area are repeated at the hips and on parts of the back. This creates uncertainty as well as balance and movement; it also allows the viewer to experience each piece as a character. Without eyes or complete anatomy, the audience’s mind fills in the missing blanks and the warriors seem vulnerable as well as strong.” Signorini’s warriors are strong, modern and linear. Their clean lines create equilibrium and movement; they are all created in dynamic poses – running, hunting and posturing. Cut segments in the area of the eyes and the back create an angular feeling and missing sections at the hips create abstraction and a beautiful balance between two halves. The spears, bow and arrows have been created using advanced experimental archaeology methods that derive from the same processes used in that period. The artist sourced stone and antique wood from the region and made the objects using our understanding of processes from the past. This collection has been created as a journey of the artist and as a metaphor for human life as a journey in itself. “The precious beauty of the chosen material, the research of symmetries, the creation of perfection in the smooth convexity suggest that the unknown makers were growing a need that was going beyond the simple usefulness of tools. These forms of higher handicraft – evidence that archaic man has migrated from the African plains to the Saudi Arabian desert – might reveal the original nucleus from which art stems. More than any other science, the study of prehistory grants an incredible access to imagination, contrasting with the objectivity of scientific data”, the artist explains. Born in Tuscany in 1971, Antonio Signorini’s journey started with sharing his father’s passion for art. Today, Signorini lives in Dubai where he finds the coexistence of ancient remnants of civilizations and ultra-modern architectural complexes hugely inspirational. Working next to one of the world’s most unique skylines and in a place that is still discovering its own history has given the artist the chance to draw a thread through history, archeology, artistic research and development of art pieces as well as continue to explore the flux between public and private urban spaces


September 17 (Monday) - October 10 (Wednesday)



Capital Gardens, Salloum St. Mine el Hosn, Beirut, Lebanon


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