‘Flames’ by Jean Boghossian at Anima Gallery Doha

Jean Boghossian’s solo exhibition ‘Flames,’ hosted by Anima Gallery in Doha, Qatar, serves as a testament to his evolution from a jeweller to an artist. Coming from a background deeply rooted in jewellery craftsmanship, Boghossian’s early artistic endeavours were shaped by the intricate manipulation of precious metals and gems. This foundation ignited his fascination with fire, a pivotal tool in both jewellery making and his current artistic practice. ‘Flames’ presents a collection that delves into themes of environmental conservation, the forces of nature, and the consequences of warfare in the Middle East, reflecting Boghossian’s profound reflections on the world around us.

Atomium #4, 2023, Frontside © Studio Jean Boghossian

At the heart of ‘Flames’ lies Boghossian’s unique exploration of fire, a central element in his current artistic process. The exhibition features several series illustrating the transformative capabilities of fire. The ‘Wave’ series, reminiscent of Hokusai’s iconic work, blends collages, plaster, and paint to depict dynamic waves symbolising the untamed power of nature. Transitioning seamlessly, the ‘Volcano’ series captures the elemental fury of volcanic eruptions, merging fire with representations of water, earth, and air.

Regatta #12, 2023, Backside © Studio Jean Boghossian

The ‘Regattas’ series, inspired by sailboats and previously exhibited in Monaco, along with the ‘Atomium’ piece from the ‘Clash’ series, utilise resin, smoke, and pigment on steel or aluminium to evoke movement and elegance reminiscent of sailing vessels, showcasing the symbiotic relationship between nature and human craftsmanship.

Exploring the theme of transformation further, the ‘Flaming Flow’ series captures the dynamic release of energy and ambition, while the ‘Alternance’ piece portrays shifting perspectives and phases of creative pursuit through distinct colour palettes. Culminating the exhibition is the ‘Missile’ series, employing a visual technique resembling photographic negatives to depict missile shapes, prompting contemplation on global conflicts and the human condition.

Volcano #2, 2023 © Studio Jean Boghossian

About Jean Boghossian

Jean Boghossian, a Belgian artist of Lebanese-Armenian heritage, is renowned for his innovative use of fire and smoke in his abstract artworks. Born in 1949 in Aleppo, into a family of jewellers, he studied Economics and Sociology at the University of Saint-Joseph in Beirut. Forced by the Lebanese Civil War in 1975 to relocate to Belgium, Boghossian’s artistic passion blossomed. He began exploring fire in art in 1988, symbolising a dynamic interplay between destruction and regeneration. Co-founding the Boghossian Foundation in Brussels in 1992, he continues to push artistic boundaries, exhibiting globally and preparing for upcoming solo shows in Luxembourg, Brussels, Monaco, and Seoul in 2024.

Location: Anima Gallery in Doha, Qatar

Dates: February 4 – March 3, 2024

Caption featured image: Alternance #4, 2023 © Studio Jean Boghossian



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