‘Foreshadows’ at the Beirut Art Centre

Karine Wehbé, Phase 1 We, humans are species very finely attuned to our physical environment.

The exhibition ‘Foreshadows’ opened at the Beirut Art Centre on Tuesday, April 30, and runs until Saturday, September 21, 2024. This exhibition marks the 15th anniversary of Beirut Art Center, exploring its ongoing potential and future contributions. Featuring five new commissions, ‘Foreshadows’ invites artists to consider the interplay of past, present, and future. Although not strictly thematic, a common thread of ‘Energy’ emerges. This concept reflects the idea that energy is constant, transforming according to surrounding forces and conditions. The exhibited works delve into personal stories and experiences over time, addressing lived reality and an ever-changing future.

Afram, Petrochonology.

The featured artists are Afram, Alaa Mansour, Karine Wehbé, Maissa Maatouk, and Roy Samaha, with the exhibition curated by Reem Shadid. These artists explore the theme of energy, presenting works that highlight transformation and continuity. They reflect on personal and collective experiences, contemplating the dynamic and fluid nature of existence.

Maissa Maatouk, Floating Lights.

‘Foreshadows’ encourages viewers to think about how the past influences the present and how both shape the future. The exhibition serves as a platform for dialogue about the continuous flux of life and the forces that drive change. By engaging with these ideas, the artists contribute to a broader understanding of energy and transformation, both in personal contexts and within the larger scope of time and existence.

As Beirut Art Centre celebrates its milestone anniversary, ‘Foreshadows’ reaffirms its commitment to fostering artistic inquiry and cultural dialogue. The exhibition not only honours the Centre’s past achievements but also looks forward to its future potential, inviting audiences to reflect on the continuous interplay of time, energy, and transformation.

Alaa Mansour, 2024.



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