Ayman Baalbaki, Said Baalbaki, Serwan Baran, and Abdul Rahman Katanani at Analix Forever

Ayman Baalbaki, Said Baalbaki, Serwan Baran, and Abdul Rahman Katanani at Analix Forever

Fous moi la paix (Leave me in peace) is an exhibition featuring artists Ayman Baalbaki, Said Baalbaki, Serwan Baran, and Abdul Rahman Katanani. These artists have experienced war and its aftermath firsthand, and their artworks serve as essential memorials related to armed conflicts. However, this exhibition takes a different perspective by exploring the possibilities of representing peace, a point of view often overlooked in contemporary art.

Abdul Rahman Katanani, Tente, 2023, Baril and mixed media, 180 x 136 x 25 cm. Crédit photo, Jean Michel Pancin

The concept of the exhibition was developed through shared thinking, influenced by reality and philosophical and psychoanalytic concepts of peace. In their recently published book, “Abdul Rahman Katanani, Paroles d’artiste,” a chapter already discusses peace as a “micropolitics.” Katanani’s art is not only a clever critique of today’s reality but also paves the way for future possibilities. His work engages with universal subjects such as imprisonment, movement, despair, joy, and the beauty of nature, making him a universal interlocutor in artistic and intellectual circles.

Serwan Baran, Clown, 2023, Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 80 cm. Crédit photo : Jean-Michel Pancin

The exhibition Fous moi la paix emerged from a clear contract of trust among the artists. They came together to live and work at Analix Forever, leaving behind their lives and commitments for a dedicated time. The absence of rules and the focus on creating and caring for each other created an atmosphere of anarchy, which, paradoxically, allowed for peace to flourish. This experiment challenged established systems and ideologies and emphasised the importance of creativity and the Eros in counteracting the death instinct.

The curatorial concept was rooted in the belief that peace cannot be decreed; it must be built through thought and trust. The artists’ individual creations were synergised by their collaboration, resulting in an exhibition where their works echo each other in different spaces. Tents emerged as a prominent representation in their artworks, symbolising gathering, communication, and peace. Each artist approached the concept of peace uniquely, with Katanani creating metal tents, Ayman Baalbaki painting on a tent, and Said Baalbaki exploring acrylic paintings of floating tents.

Ayman Baalbaki, Tente, 2023, Mixed media and lights on fabric, 220 x 420 cm. Crédit photo : JiSun Lee

The exhibition provides an opening to the artistic culture of the Middle East in Switzerland while challenging the prevalent narrative of war by promoting and practicing peace. It aligns with the idea that cultural development works against war and violence, emphasising the importance of free creation and thinking. In a world driven by conflict, supporting and practicing peace becomes a subversive act that requires relentless effort. It demonstrates the transformative power of art and highlights Abdul Rahman Katanani’s role as an artist, thinker, and mediator. His work bridges cultures and opens new territories for artistic expression. While the exhibition is a remarkable milestone in his career, there is a shared desire to further develop his audience and collaborate with institutions and museums worldwide.

Said Baalbaki, Tente, 2023, Acrylic on canvas, 60 x 80 cm. Crédit photo : Jean-Michel Pancin


Fous Moi La Paix, Analix Forever

Location: Analix Forever

Duration: June 8 – End of August, 2023




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