‘Gaza’ by Antoine Janot at P21 Gallery London

The P21 Gallery presents Antoine Janot’s exhibition ‘Gaza’ from the 21st until the 29th of June. Curated by Kaylin Adela Yanta it is a timely exhibition highlighting the severe humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. Through visuals and narratives, this exhibition aims to evoke empathy, prompt reflection, and inspire action in response to the escalating suffering.

Following Israel’s response to Hamas’ attacks on October 7, Gaza has plunged into despair. Reports from Gaza health authorities reveal a staggering toll: over 27,000 Palestinians have perished, with 70% being innocent women and children. More than 53,000 are wounded, their access to vital medical care severely limited by a collapsing healthcare system. Hospitals, once symbols of healing, are now on the brink of collapse, illuminated only by cellphone lights during relentless power outages. Families endure unspeakable horrors, with children witnessing the brutal realities of war. In desperation, parents write their children’s names on their bodies for identification amidst the chaos.

The painting ‘Dahiya Doctrine’ tackles the event of the same name which emerged after the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war in Lebanon. Former Israeli colonel Gabriel Siboni advocated for “disproportionate” responses to provocations from Lebanon, Syria, or Gaza. His report suggested that the goal should be to inflict lasting damage as a deterrent, rather than merely targeting the enemy’s capacity to attack, regardless of civilian consequences.

Dahiya Doctrine Acrylic and ink 23x31 cm, 2024
Dahiya Doctrine Acrylic and ink 23×31 cm, 2024.

In ‘The Tunnels of Gaza’ the artist represents the tunnels under a burning city. Since 2007, Hamas has controlled the Gaza Strip and by 2022, it had established a network of over 500 kilometers (310 miles) of tunnels, often referred to by the Israeli military as the “Gaza metro.” These tunnels are sophisticated, with sections dedicated to launching military attacks, as well as areas for logistics, storage, and transportation. This approach is exemplified by the scale of tunnels uncovered by the Israeli military. In mid-December, they found the largest tunnel to date, a passageway wide enough for a car, near Gaza’s northern edge, 100 meters from Israel’s Erez military checkpoint.

The Tunnels Of Gaza Acrylic and ink 116x81 cm, 2024
The Tunnels Of Gaza Acrylic and ink 116×81 cm, 2024

“Gaza” seeks to catalyze meaningful conversations, urging visitors to engage deeply with the complexities of the conflict. By challenging prevailing narratives and questioning the stance of Western powers, the exhibition aims to stimulate thought and advocate for change.

About Antoine Janot

The exhibition showcases the powerful works of Antoine Janot, an artist and activist engaged with a French association combating precarity. Janot’s art is deeply rooted in political and social commitment, addressing feminist revolutions in Iran, the war in Gaza, European migration policies, feminicides, and the Covid-19 pandemic. His pieces, comprising poems and photographic series, act as forms of resistance and calls to action, aiming to denounce or transcend harsh realities.

Location: P21 Gallery, London

Dates: 21 – 29 June, 2024



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