It is with great pleasure that the Embassy of Lebanon in the UK is inviting you to the virtual launch of Glimpses: its first digital Art Exhibition and Charity Sale curated in close collaboration with Selections.

In these volatile times, the world has taken a brisk turn, forcing people out of employment, tearing families apart, and breaking social bonds in ways never before experienced. The economic hardship engendered by this prolonged estrangement has been taxing on every level; hence the need to actively engage in the collective process of healing, which underpins Glimpses.

Hosting a stellar art exhibition in London to showcase Lebanon’s pioneering role as a central hub for artistic creativity was set to be one of the Embassy’s flagship plans for the year 2020. However, the impromptu spread of the pandemic and the ensuing global lockdown brought all cultural events to a standstill, prompting us to move the exhibition from the physical to the digital, and to carve out a virtual space wherein our artists can still get the recognition and visibility they deserve.

With a selection of 47 distinguished artists and over 115 curated works, we are hoping to take you all on a delightful journey through life: a journey of healing, empathy, and growth. After all, art is therapy; and in this case, art is an active agent of social relief with a percentage of all sale-proceeds being allocated to two charitable entities whose relentless efforts aim to alleviate famine and poverty among our people:

1- ACES (Lebanese-led initiative based in the UK)
2- Lebanese Food Bank
Please join us in celebrating the ingenuity of our artists, supporting their work, and extending a helping hand to our own in these dire times through Glimpses, our special ode to life.

You can view our collection on the dedicated virtual platform

Glimpses will be online from 22nd of May until the 15th of June.



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