“HEADSPACE FOR III” at Takeover Beirut

“HEADSPACE FOR III” is a month-long program that started at the beginning of July 2023 at Takeover Beirut, bringing together three photographers, Elsie Haddad, Gabriel Ferneini, and Ieva Saudargaite Douaihi, who are sharing a studio space in Beirut. The program offers them the opportunity to develop their individual projects while engaging in discussions and collaborations with each other and invited guests.

Elsie Haddad, Headspace III, Takeover

Elsie Haddad is a documentary photographer based in Beirut, known for her work on transition, memory, and storytelling. Her project focuses on documenting cultural heritage in Beirut, specifically areas affected by the 2020 Port explosion. She aims to construct a narrative using both archival and new photographs, exploring how social structures have evolved over time and the profound impact of architectural elements on communities.

Gabriel Ferneini, Headspace III, Takeover

Gabriel Ferneini, a self-taught photographer, challenges collective narratives by highlighting individual stories that question borders of nationality, race, gender, and class. His project, titled “Doumari,” involves nighttime wanderings through the streets, capturing remnants in the light and examining what remains in the shadows. Seeking to make sense of the current state of the world, Gabriel aims to experiment with new ways of documenting the experience of living in uncertainty, including the potential use of sound, video, or other mediums.

Ieva Saudargaite Douaihi, Headspace III, Takeover

Ieva Saudargaite Douaihi, a Lithuanian-Lebanese photographer, explores image-making through various media, with a focus on architecture and lesser-known historic sites in Lebanon. Her project, “300 Days of Sun,” explores the built environment in Beirut, searching for signs, objects, and moments that reflect the realities of living in the city. She is particularly interested in documenting man-made objects that blur the boundaries between private and public realms.

The HEADSPACE FOR III program provides these photographers with a supportive environment to further develop their artistic practices and explore new approaches to their work.


About Takeover

Takeover, established in December 2022, is an artist-led project space supporting local and emerging artists. They offer an alternative to the commercial art sector by providing a space for experimentation, collaboration, and exhibition. Their goal is to foster new perspectives and unrestricted freedom in showcasing artworks. Located on Abdul Wahab el-Inglizi Street, the space features wire mesh walls, teal blue flooring, and a street-facing vitrine. The space hosts group shows, solo exhibitions, discussions, workshops, and performances. Takeover encourages artists to freely express themselves and values experimentation, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas in a vibrant and inclusive environment.

Location: Takeover, 191 Abdul Wahab el Inglizi Street, Beirut, Lebanon

Date: July 1 –  July 27, 2023



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