‘I Care’ Campaign by The Royal Commission For Alula

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) has initiated an inclusive heritage conservation campaign, titled I Care, aimed at enhancing public understanding, awareness, and commitment to safeguarding and uplifting AlUla’s ancient history. Launched on February 1, the campaign emphasises RCU’s ongoing heritage protection projects, aligning with the goal of developing AlUla into the world’s largest living museum. I Care advocates for the preservation of AlUla’s diverse cultural assets, including natural and man-made monuments, to foster economic development, community engagement, and a deeper appreciation of its storied past, in line with Saudi Vision 2030 objectives.
I Care Earth.

As a pivotal aspect of the campaign, RCU has collaborated with acclaimed US artist David Popa to create a unique landmark piece within AlUla’s landscape. This artwork, shaped like two protective hands, surrounds the iconic Tomb of Lihyan, Son of Kuza, a monumental heritage site at Hegra recognised as Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. Popa’s sustainable and innovative artwork symbolises I Care’s aspiration to safeguard places of significant historic and cultural value, resonating with both the local community and global heritage experts.

Crafted using natural elements such as yellow earth from Europe and red earth from the Middle East, Popa’s ephemeral creation is one of his largest to date. Designed to disintegrate over a few weeks, it underscores the urgent need for collective action to preserve cultural heritage sites in AlUla, Saudi Arabia, and worldwide.

US artist David Popa reflects on the privilege of working on the project, stating that I Care is not merely a campaign but a celebration of AlUla’s and the Kingdom’s legacy and traditions. He acknowledges the invaluable contributions of local storytellers, Rawis, Heritage Rangers, and young ambassadors trained in the Hammayah program to preserve AlUla’s heritage.

The I Care campaign aims to engage residents, tourists, and Saudi citizens in conserving AlUla’s cultural landscape, bridging knowledge gaps, and promoting future discoveries. With its diverse heritage sites, scenic landscapes, and cultural richness, AlUla has emerged as a global destination for culture, history, and archaeological exploration, underlining RCU’s active conservation and regeneration efforts.

I Care Earth.

About David Popa

David Popa, a NYC-born artist now residing in Finland, was influenced by his father, Albert Popa, a pioneering graffiti writer. Adventures beyond the studio sparked his full-time pursuit of arts, particularly street art and contemporary muralism. Using natural pigments and source water, Popa crafts site-specific earthworks documented through drone photography, showcased as NFTs. Represented by MTArt Agency since 2021, he employs drone tech and videography to capture his nature-integrated paintings. His works, often filmed, explore life’s mysteries and the imperative to preserve our planet. Popa’s meticulous process, from location scouting to project realisation, epitomises his artistic philosophy of “unearthing” art from the ground.

Caption featured image: I Care Earth.



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