‘In-Between’ by Nasser Almulhim at Tabari Art Space

Tabari Artspace announces its new show  ‘In-Between,’ a solo exhibition by Saudi abstract painter Nasser Almulhim. For Almulhim, painting, especially with vibrant, expressive colours, serves as a form of healing and therapy, aiding his spiritual and artistic growth. His creative process helps navigate circular thoughts, memories, and trauma, ultimately fostering growth and transformation.

Nasser Almulhim,'In-Between'
Nasser Almulhim, ‘In-Between’

Building on the themes of his previous solo exhibition at Tabari Artspace, “Shadow Work,” Almulhim continues to draw from Jungian psychology. Inspired by Carl Jung’s concept of shadow work, which emphasises the importance of confronting one’s hidden aspects for self-awareness and inner peace, Almulhim delves into the human psyche. Jung’s assertion in ‘The Philosophical Tree’ (1945) that enlightenment comes from making the darkness conscious, rather than imagining figures of light, resonates deeply with Almulhim. Through his art, he seeks to illuminate both the light and dark aspects of the self, challenging viewers to confront their shadows and bridging the conscious and subconscious realms.

Nasser Almulhim, 'In-Between'
Nasser Almulhim, ‘In-Between’

‘In-Between’ explores the flows between the conscious and subconscious. Each piece reflects the dichotomy of the human psyche, which the artist refers to as “the split” – the space between these realms. The exhibition features 12 works in striking hues from pistachio to tangerine, black to cerulean. The number 12 holds deep significance across religious, mythological, and magical traditions, symbolizing perfection, entirety, and cosmic order. It represents the passage of time, the rhythm of seasons, and the evolving journey of the human mind. Almulhim’s works possess a surreal, dreamlike quality, with fluid geometric forms creating portals into the mind. Each piece is framed within a frame, symbolising the artist’s mental world and his conscious efforts to safeguard it.

Rather than dictating specific interpretations, Almulhim focuses on his process and encourages viewers to engage with his art personally, inviting them on their journeys of transcendence.

Nasser Almulhim, 'In-Between'
Nasser Almulhim, ‘In-Between’

About Nasser Almulhim

Nasser Almulhim, a Riyadh-based painter and sculptor, holds a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from the University of West Florida. Inspired by Abstract Expressionism, he uses a saturated palette to explore the interplay between geometric and organic forms, reflecting on their connection to the human psyche. Almulhim’s intuitive and playful art-making process serves as a therapeutic act, opening ‘The gate of self-healing.’ His work transforms his inner imagination into two- and three-dimensional forms, aiming to create a spiritual healing process. Central to his practice is the relationship between spirituality and mental processes, and the impact of colour on human behaviour.

Location: Tabari Art Space, DIFC, Dubai, UAE.

Dates: 6 June – 6 September, 2024 



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