‘Inspire Writing’ by Timo Nasseri at Mont Blanc Haus

Timo Nasseri, “Keeper III” (Yellow), “Keeper II” (Blue), 2019, Painted steel, Various dimensions

Mont Blanc is marking its one-year anniversary at the Mont Blanc Haus, an interactive art space situated adjacent to its Hamburg headquarters, by showcasing Timo Nasseri’s artworks.

The temporary group exhibition, ‘Inspire Writing,’ offers an immersive journey spanning the history, present, and future of writing. It explores the impact of handwriting on visual arts and features two of Nasseri’s 2019 painted steel sculptures, ‘Keepers II’ (Blue) and ‘Keeper III’ (Yellow), displayed in the outdoor gardens. Inside the main exhibition space, you can find Nasseri’s 2018 work, “The Order of Everything.”

This exhibit not only honours the artist but is also dedicated to art patrons like Alexander von Humboldt, Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, and Henry E. Steinway. The exhibition runs from May 4, 2023, to May 4, 2024.

About Timo Nasseri

Timo Nasseri, born in Germany in 1972, delves into a rich tapestry of themes spanning geometry, mathematics, architecture, calligraphy, and more recently, camouflage. His artistic vision harmoniously blends influences from Islamic and Western cultures, drawing inspiration from specific memories, religious allusions, and the universal archetypes defined by mathematics and language. Nasseri’s work is a fusion of science and art, offering a perspective that is both poetic and fantastical. His creations are imbued with the essence of natural science, serving as a gateway to explore the profound truths of form and rhythm. Mathematics, geometry, and patterns are his muses, and he skillfully underscores their interwoven nature in terms of repetition and aesthetics in his drawings and sculptures. His artistic journey is an exploration of the infinite and a quest to unravel enigmas, whether they be historical mysteries or the pursuit of overarching order within the chaos of existence.

Location: The Mont Blanc Haus

Dates: May 4, 2023, to May 4, 2024



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