James Chedburn at Galerie Mark Hachem

James Chedburn at Galerie Mark Hachem

Galerie Mark Hachem introduces the captivating exhibition “Taking the long way home” by James Chedburn, an established British sculptor who has resided in France since 1990. The gallery provides a gateway to a magical realm where Chedburn’s figurative sculptures offer a transcendent sensory experience that goes beyond traditional art. Complementing the sculptures are the photographs by Jean-François Deroubaix, further enhancing the impact of the artwork.

Circuit A, 2023, (84x42x11cm)

Within this exhibition, James Chedburn unveils his profound yearning for exploration, drawing inspiration from legendary destinations like Casablanca and Liverpool that ignite our imagination and evoke an insatiable thirst for adventure. Through the artist’s unique vessels constructed from recycled objects and bric-a-brac, he grants new life to remnants of the past. These vessels become conduits that transport us to poetic and imaginary lands, rekindling childhood dreams of escaping the confines of everyday life and navigating the skies and waves without constraints of time.

James Chedburn’s exhibition transcends conventional artistic presentations, immersing visitors in a realm of boundless creativity. It encourages individuals to unleash their imaginations and emotions freely. The sculptures provoke deep contemplation on our relationship with space, time, and the pursuit of a better world. They serve as a reminder that dreams and aspirations are integral forces that drive our lives. Through Chedburn’s artwork, we are transported to distant horizons where the boundaries of reality dissolve, allowing our imaginations to flourish without limitations.

Steamsub Starcatcher 2018, (56x132x18cm)

About the Artist

Gondolo à la Mouette, 2022, (23x24x8.5cm)

Residing in France since 1990, Chedburn, an English artist, splits his time between Paris and his studio in the Lot region. His artistic expression pays homage to the concept of movement, finding fascination in the intricate mechanics and gears of machinery. Influenced by early companions such as Calder, Tinguely, and Panamarenko, Chedburn embarked on a wondrous journey of exploration and discovery.

Within his gallery, one encounters a collection of brass wire portraits, mermaids, odalisques, angels, and both wild and domesticated animals. These enchanting creations, imbued with a touch of his hand, have magically come to life, escaping from the confines of notebooks and becoming emissaries of poetic charm.

In recent years, Chedburn has dedicated himself to constructing vessels that symbolise the pursuit of a better world and the yearning for escape. These vessels, composed of bricks and mortar, pay homage to the past and playfully incorporate the words, patterns, and colours found in antiquated metal boxes. When the spectator turns the crank on these vessels, they ignite a signal for embarking on an adventure that rekindles the sense of wonder and imagination reminiscent of childhood.

Baleine du phare

Taking the long way home, James Chedburn

Location: The Mark Hachem Gallery, 28, place des Vosges, Paris, 75003

Duration: June 8-29, 2023



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