Jeanne et Moreau (Randa Mirza & Lara Tabet), Julia Gat, Andrea Graziosi at the Drawing Room Gallery Hamburg & Winners of the Prix Polyptyque

The Drawing Room gallery is currently exhibiting three series by young photographers from the south of France, providing a glimpse into contemporary photography. The displayed works are the winners of the prestigious Prix Polyptyque 2022-2023, an esteemed photography award that recognizes the excellence of contemporary photography in Marseille and the South of France. The recipients of the prize are Julia Gat, Andrea Graziosi, and the artist duo Lara Tabet and Randa Mirza, who collaborate under the name “Jeanne et Moreau.”

Jeanne et Moreau, I now know why the air on the floor was so still, 2020, (Series: Nothing is happening. Delete the picture!) Photo print on textile, 120 x 180 cm, Edition: 1/3, 2 AP

Andrea Graziosi’s series, titled “Animas,” transports viewers to traditional street carnivals in the small villages of Barbagia, Sardinia. The photographs capture masked figures against a dark backdrop, blurring the boundaries between humans and animals. The series not only documents historical disguises and masks but also explores the profound connection between humanity and untamed nature.

Julia Gat delves into her family history with the series “Khamsa khamsa khamsa,” drawing from her personal archive. The portraits primarily focus on her five siblings, including herself, offering a glimpse into their childhood and youth. The repetition of the Arabic word “khamsa,” meaning five, in the title emphasizes the sense of community and protection.

The Drawing Room, Jeanne et Moreau Portrait

Lara Tabet and Randa Mirza, collaborating as Jeanne et Moreau, present the series “Nothing is Happening. Delete the Picture!” The photographs delve into their experiences and everyday life from 2020 to 2022. Their artistic partnership began in 2018 when they were in a long-distance relationship between Marseille and Beirut. The series challenges the boundaries between the private and public spheres, exploring the intricate dynamics between these realms. The tumultuous history of Lebanon, characterized by revolution, economic collapse, and the tragic explosion in the port of Beirut in August 2020, significantly influences their work. This devastating event compelled Lara Tabet to leave her flat and expedited the artists’ decision to move in together in Marseille. Thematically, the series explores concepts of loss, new beginnings, destruction, and the intimacy that emerges from such circumstances.

By exhibiting these three series together, the Drawing Room gallery invites viewers to contemplate the interplay between the private and public domains, tradition and modernity. The exhibition offers a multifaceted and intricate journey into the contemporary visual world of photography from the South of France.

About The Prix Polyptyque

The Prix Polyptyque is a highly regarded photography award in Marseille and the South of France, offering emerging photographers a platform to present their work outside the local art scene. Using a thorough selection process, a jury selects finalists who have the chance to display their work in a travelling exhibition, gaining exposure and acknowledgement. Winners receive assistance and their work is exhibited in prestigious galleries, facilitating connections with art professionals and enthusiasts. The award cultivates an artistic community, promotes innovation, and contributes to the advancement of contemporary photography in the region, fostering dialogue and collaboration among photographers and art institutions.

Location: The Drawing Room, Hamburg

Date: 27 June –  28th July 2023



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