‘Josef and Anni Albers Iconic couple of modernism’ at the Villa Empain

The Boghossian Foundation presents Belgium’s first exhibition of Josef and Anni Albers, pioneers of modernism whose artworks have shaped the trajectory of 20th-century art. Showcasing a tapestry of approximately 100 artworks encompassing paintings, assemblages, photographs, graphic works, textiles, films, and furniture, this exhibition meticulously retraces the artistic odysseys of the Alberses. The exhibition illuminates the bond shared by Josef and Anni, a relationship characterised by mutual enrichment and empowerment that resonated throughout their lives.

Anni Albers Final Recadre.

Set within the Villa Empain, an Art Deco structure initially conceived for a couple, the exhibition finds a backdrop that encapsulates the essence of modernism. The Villa Empain serves as a proper setting to showcase the Alberses’ avant-garde vision, highlighting both their aesthetic innovations and enduring pedagogical principles.

Albers Bernard Villers

In addition to celebrating the Alberses’ contributions to the world of art, the exhibition also seeks to explore their lasting legacy and the influence they have exerted on subsequent generations of artists. Through the lens of their work and teachings, artists such as Olivier Gourvil, Linda Karshan, Mehdi Moutashar, Vico Persson, Leïla Pile, Charlotte von Poehl, Damien Poulain, Chloé Vanderstraeten, and Bernard Villers have been impacted, enriching the artistic landscape with their interpretations.

A significant number of artworks featured in the exhibition were donated by the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation to the Musées d’Art Moderne de Paris in 2022, underscoring the Foundation’s commitment to preserving and promoting the Alberses’ artistic legacy.

Albers Anni Albers Mountainous 1978

About Josef and Anni Albers Foundation

Situated amidst 70 acres of woodlands in Bethany, Connecticut, USA, the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation is dedicated to preserving and promoting the artistic legacy of Anni and Josef Albers. Committed to perpetuating the Albers family’s artistic vision, the Foundation fulfils its mission through a range of initiatives including exhibitions, publications, educational programs, and outreach efforts. Moreover, it serves as a haven for artists of diverse styles and approaches, offering them the invaluable resources of time and space while fostering a shared commitment to artistic integrity.

Location: Villa Empain, Brussels.

Dates: 10 April to 8 September 2024.



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