Knokke Art Fair 2023

Galerie Studer Tsuyu Bridwell – Sentocho – 2020, Origami, Mulberry fibre paper and nylon threads- 80 x 80 x 400 cm

Gradually and steadily, the Knokke Art Fair has expanded to achieve a high standard, driven by a steadfast commitment to innovation and equilibrium. It places equal importance on quality, unforeseen elements, consistency and diversity.

This is prominently displayed in the most recent iteration of the 2023 Knokke Art Fair, also referred to as the Art Salon, held within the Grand Casino in Knokke. This venue boasts several spaces, notably the Magritte Room, featuring René Magritte’s Enchanted Domain cyclorama painting, and its expansive chandelier.

The HIGHLIGHTS exhibition within the Magritte Room showcases pieces by internationally acclaimed artists, thoughtfully selected from ten Flemish collections. Exploring HIGHLIGHTS offers a distinctive chance to appreciate rare artworks that are typically kept away from public view.

Highlights, Henry Moore

The subsequent segment of the Art Fair comprises a curated collection of works from both national and international galleries. Paintings, sculptures, and drawings exhibit a range of diversity and quality.

The third component is dedicated to the art of Yayoi Kusama, a figure whose influence in the art world has been both intriguing and pervasive, centring around her life and themes. Her creations are simultaneously intricate and straightforward, characterised by vibrant colours, inventiveness, repetition, and a subtly compelling obsession. Her body of work has already achieved a classic status: it evokes a sense of overwhelming wonder and diversity.

Galleria Immaginaria – lluis cera

Together, these three pillars of the Knokke Art Fair meld into a distinct event, guiding attendees through an array of experiences and emotions that invigorate the spirit.

Knokke Art Fair at the Grand Casino, Knokke, from 5 to 15 August 2023.




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