MDW 2023: Louis Vuitton

The New Objets Nomades, Louis Vuitton 

Louis Vuitton is showcasing the latest additions to their Objets Nomades collection of innovative and practical furniture and design objects at Milan Design Week for the sixth consecutive year. This collection features unique pieces designed by renowned artists and designers that blend artistry, functionality, and luxury, embodying Louis Vuitton’s commitment to craftsmanship and design excellence.

Binda Armchair & Sofa

Binda Armchair & Sofa

The Binda armchair and sofa, designed by Raw Edges, feature sleek lines that are emphasized by the leather-covered back and plush velvet seat. The contrasting piping adds to its appeal. Binda is available in various colors and continues the designers’ exploration of turning flat surfaces into three-dimensional shapes, as seen in their Cosmic Table. It’s a stunning and comfortable piece that balances visual appeal with comfort. It’s sculptural and elegant, making it a beautiful addition to any space.

Origami Bowl

The Origami Bowls created by Atelier Oï serve both as functional containers and decorative items, showcasing the elegance of simplicity. These bowls are perfect for storing small keepsakes and travel memorabilia. Each bowl is made from a single piece of leather that’s expertly folded and assembled to create a visually impressive three-dimensional structure. They come in a variety of colors and can be stacked to form a pyramid-shaped sculpture. The Origami Bowls are a combination of art and practicality, making them a beautiful addition to any living space.


Disco Cocoon

To commemorate the ten-year anniversary of the Objets Nomades, the Cocoon chair designed by Fernando and Humberto Campana has been transformed into a stunning work of art known as the Disco Cocoon, which is limited to only eight pieces. The original Cocoon was one of the first Objets Nomades released, and for the Disco Cocoon, it has been enhanced with a unique feature. The signature perforated shell and cushions have been adorned with a mosaic of over 10,000 mirror tiles that have been meticulously hand-placed. The result is a remarkable and visually striking piece that stands out as a true masterpiece.


The Quetzal, created by Atelier Oï, is a magnificent decorative mobile that draws inspiration from the striking feathers of South American birds. It features thirteen sturdy and flexible “feathers,” each covered with two pieces of leather in blue and green colors, with red dye accenting their edges. The last feather is longer to balance the mobile and is covered in red leather, resembling the bird’s vermilion breast. When hung, the Quetzal’s feathers extend like vibrant wings, creating a captivating mobile that’s also an artistic representation of a quetzal in flight. It’s a beautiful and abstract piece that adds elegance to any space.

Flower Tower

The Flower Tower lamp, created by Atelier Biagetti, is a stunningly inventive and transparent column made of hand-blown Italian glass. The lamp features flower-shaped bubbles that are inspired by the iconic Monogram flower of Louis Vuitton. These bubbles appear to float magically on halos of light due to opaline rings that catch and diffuse the glow from a top-mounted LED.

The Flower Tower is both delicately decorative and highly functional, offering various lighting moods with a separate, upward-facing LED spot and independent switches and dimmers. It stands out as a contemporary glass totem, like a cactus in the desert or a rock emerging from the sea, illuminating the domestic landscape of the home and creating a luminous landmark that evokes special emotions.

The New Objets Nomades, Louis Vuitton

Location: Corso Venezia 16, Milan – Italy

Duration:April 19th – April 23rd, 2023




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