Mark Hachem Gallery


In 1996, Mark Hachem opened his first Contemporary Art gallery in the heart of Le Marais. A second gallery followed 11 years later, when Mark Hachem inaugurated his Madison Avenue location in New York.

The latest addition of Mark Hachem Gallery opened in June 2010 in Beirut focused on the Middle Eastern Artists such as Helen Khal, Hussein Madi, Fatima El Hajj, Ahmad Moualla and Hamed Abdalla.

Over the past two decades, the gallery has captured prestigious artists and instantly distinguished itself from other Parisian galleries by its interest in Kinetic Art. Mark Hachem has exhibited prestigious artists of the Op Art movement, such as Vaserely, Jesus- Rafael Soto, Cruz Diez, Antonio Asis, Dario Perez Flores and Cesar Andrade.

However, Mark Hachem’s passion for art spans a wide array of currents and styles.
The gallery has shown Cubist and Neo- Expressionist works, and art from Ecole de Nice, amongst others. Notable artists whose works have been on show at the gallery include Pablo Picasso, Arman, Cesar, Christo, Polles, Fernando Botero, Roberto Matta, Wifredo Lam, Philippe Hiquily and Marino Di Teana.

An ardent defender of Contemporary Art, Mark Hachem is also an advisor to public institutions and private collectors. He is a member of the French Association of art galleries. Mark Hachem Gallery has not only exhibited but helped launch many contemporary artists, both Middle Eastern and International, like Hussein Madi, Ghazi Baker, Nedim Kufi, Nazar Yahya, Sara Shamma, Zeina Assi, George Merheb, Charles Khoury, Raffi Yedalian, Paul Gossian, Bastiani, Stiller, Yves Hayat, Victor Ekpuk, Thomas Agrinier, Mathias Schmidt, Stephen Peirce, Shawn Smith, and many others.


Alfred Basbous
Carlos Cruz Diez
César Andrade
Claude Gilli
Dario Perez-Flores
Dia Azzawi
Franco Adami
Hamed Abdalla
Helen Khal
Hussein Madi
Jesus-Rafael Soto
Leila Nseir
Marino Di Teana
Philippe Hiquily
Rafael Barrios
Roberto Matta
Victor Vasarely
Ahmad Moualla
Alois Kronschlaeger
Andrés Ciccone
Anibal Vallejo
B. Yaghi
Ben Abou Nassif
Chaouki Chamoun
Charles Khoury
Fatima El Hajj
George Merheb
Ghazi Baker
Giselle Borras
James Chedburn
Jose Margulis
Julio Le Parc
Laila Shawa
Mariana Villafane
Mathias Schmied
Mauro Corda
Maysaloun Faraj
Michelangelo Bastiani
Nadim Karam
Nedim Kufi
Raffi Yedalian
Sara Shamma
Shawn Smith
Souad Mardambey
Stephen Peirce
Wolfgang Stiller
Yasmina Nysten
Yoshiyuki Miura
Yves Hayat
Yves Ullens


LEBANON : Capital Gardens, Salloum Street, Mina El Hosn
Beirut, Lebanon
Tel: + 961 1 999 313

PARIS : 44 rue des Tournelles, 75004
Paris, France
Tel: +33 (0)1 42 76 94 93

New York:

Tel: +1 212 585 2900


Opening Hours

Paris: everyday 10:30 – 20:00

Beirut: Monday to Saturday 10:30- 19:30

New York: By Appointment



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