Marwan Nahlé at Minus 1

Marwan Nahlé at Minus 1 

Marwan Nakhlé is known for his captivating paintings and sculptures, and now he’s bringing his unique vision to a multimedia experience. The exhibition will be on display from May 5th to May 20th, and it will kick off with a free concert on May 5th from 9 to 10pm. In this exhibition, the theme that dominates is the feminine as a divine being. Nakhlé’s paintings and assemblages beautifully capture the essence of femininity, portraying it as something divine, powerful, and awe-inspiring.

The Woman The Mule, 2007, Acrylic on cardboard, 20X28 cm, 10X11 in

Marwan Nahlé, born in Lebanon in 1965, is an artist who works as a painter, sculptor, and musician. He has been living and creating art outside of any borders since 1988 and has showcased his works in exhibitions across Lebanon, the United States, as well as in countries like Australia, France, Germany, Jordan, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland. In 2021, he moved to Basilicata with his family to work on an artistic residency.

His artistic creations, which include paintings and assemblages, are a reflection of his physical and spiritual journey. He seeks to experience reality through a continuous process of detachment and rooting, aiming to perceive beyond mere impressions. Nahlé’s paintings echo the works of artists throughout history who have aimed to represent immensity and fathomlessness, vertigo and disproportion, the sublime and transcendent, through allusive brushstrokes. His style is reminiscent of the Pompeian expressionism found in Fourth Style landscapes, the 18th-century Vedutism that portrays skies and teeming human scenarios, the Symbolism that charges fumes and mists with a sense of spirituality, and the swirling atmospheres of William Turner.

Reasoning, Acrylic on canvas, 67X81cm

Perpetual Identities, Katya A. Traboulsi

Location: Minus 1, Tabaris Achrafieh

Duration:  May 5 – May 20, 2023



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