Michael Biberstein | Seeing

Date: 7 March – 27 July
Location: Galerie Jeanne Bucher Jaeger – Paris

Following the major retrospective dedicated to Michael Biberstein at Culturgest Lisbon in 2018, the gallery Jeanne Bucher Jaeger is pleased to present SEEING, a new exhibition of the artist’s paintings and works on paper. Born in 1948 in Solothurn, Allemannic Switzerland, the Swiss-American artist had chosen Portugal as his adopted country where he lived for forty years and where he died in 2013.

This exhibition gives a deeper insight into the various stages of Michael Biberstein’s artistic life from the deconstrution in his paintings in the 70s, when the very structure of his art was perceived as a system of signs, to his long and meticulous pictorial research starting at the end of the 80s: installations composed of bamboo in which spaces and cracks of thin layers of canvas alternate, installations exploring the polarized relationship between floor and wall or the outline of a shape, or again the Prospect/Refuge series from the 1980s, or that of the predella (in a reference to Medieval painting), monochromes reinforcing contemplative landscapes. He then studied the very medium of painting, oil and acrylic, the declension of possible syntaxes until he achieved painting as a spatial and temporal experience based on a physiological, emotional and intellectual response that colour, shape and medium trigger in the observer. Biberstein labelled his paintings, which are admiring reminiscences of Vernet, Friedrich, Turner, Monet, Cézanne and Rothko, but also secret imprints of eastern landscapes, as “seeing machines.”

Courtesy of Gallery Jeanne Bucher Jaeger.

Installation View
Installation View



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