Millon Middle East Auction in collaboration with Mark Hachem Gallery

Millon Middle East, an auction house that has held several sales seasons in Paris since 2021, is organising its first summer sale in Beirut in partnership with the Mark Hachem Gallery. The auction, scheduled for July 6, will focus on Modern and Contemporary Middle Eastern Art, with a special emphasis on Lebanese Modern Art. The event will feature a selection of 107 artworks by Middle Eastern and North African artists, including 63 artworks from Lebanese artists.

Chafic Abboud (Liban, 1926-2004) L’Ebloui (The Dazzled), 1997, $ 100,000 – 120,000

The decision to hold the sale in Beirut comes shortly after the reopening of the Sursock Museum and demonstrates the collective desire to showcase Lebanese art. Despite the setbacks caused by the 2020 explosion at the port of Beirut, the local artistic ecosystem remains resilient and vibrant, supported by local collectors, galleries, and auction houses.

The auction catalogue reveals hidden treasures, including works by pioneers of modern Lebanese art who were exhibited at the Sursock Museum’s Salon d’Automne in the 1960s. Artists such as Mohammad Sakr, Aref El Rayess, Mounir Najm, Yvette Achkar, Chafic Abboud, and Paul Guiragossian will be among those featured.

Mohamed Melehi (Maroc 1936 – 2020), Composition, 2019, $ 54,000 – 75,000

The sale aims to bring back the Middle Eastern art market to the region and make a significant impact on the Lebanese art scene. The artworks represent a visual feast, showcasing the works of modern masters who have shaped Middle Eastern art. Notable pieces include “L’Ebloui” by Shafic Abboud, with an estimated value of $100,000 – $120,000, and “Composition” by Mohamed Melehi, a rare work by the Moroccan artist.

Other significant works include “Airfaeuu” by Shakir al Said, which reflects the aftermath of the Kippur War in 1973, and “Figura Sulla Spiaggia” by Louay Kayali, a rare piece by the Syrian artist.

Millon Middle East is excited about the opportunity to bring together this exceptional collection of artworks in Beirut, capitalising on the city’s cosmopolitan and historical significance in the Arab art scene and the broader art market. The auction aims to attract collectors and diasporas from around the world to participate in this momentous event.

Dia Al Azzawi (Irak, 1939), Untitled, 1982, $ 21,500 – 32,000

About Millon Middle East 

Millon Middle East is an esteemed auction house that specialises in the sale of Middle Eastern art. With a focus on promoting and showcasing the region’s artistic talent, Millon Middle East conducts regular sales seasons in Paris. The auction house presents a diverse selection of modern and contemporary Middle Eastern artworks, including those from Lebanon and other countries in the region. By fostering a platform for Middle Eastern artists and engaging with collectors worldwide, Millon Middle East contributes to the growth and appreciation of Middle Eastern art on a global scale.

Location: Monty Club Beirut & Salons du Trocadero Paris.

Date: Thursday, July 6, 2023, at 6 PM Beirut time & 5 PM Paris time.



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