Emergeast – the MENA region’s leading online art gallery introduces Qatari artist Mubarak Nasser Al Thani as the latest creative to join Emergeast’s roster of artists.

Al Thani’s addition to the online gallery builds on Emergeast’s continual effort in supporting artists from Qatar and the larger region, especially with the momentum that the local arts & culture scene is witnessing while gearing up to the FIFA World Cup.

Seoul to Busan, Mubarak Nasser Al-Thani, Acrylic on canvas, 120x120cm, 2019

As a former artist in residence at Doha Fire Station, Qatari artist Mubarak Nasser Al Thani works with dimensions, colours, geometrics, abstraction, and literal expressionism to capture cities, skylines, horizons, interaction, culture, history and politics. Al Thani depicts visuals from his culture and cultural experiences. He explains, “These experiences and visuals which I grew up with influence my art and what I choose to paint.

For example: palm trees, the desert, sand dunes, bonfires, night skies with the moon and stars, gahwa pots, the Doha skyline and more. I am also influenced by patterns such as the triangles from our flag or the sadoo from our national cushions and traditional furniture.”

Body Shaming, Mubarak Nasser Al-Thani, Acrylic on canvas, 120x120cm, 2018

Mubarak’s art is inspired by global themes and ideas. Showing in NYC, Geneva, Saint Petersburg and Doha, Mubarak is an emerging artist to keep an eye on. He is self-taught with a BA from Georgetown School of Foreign Service and an MA in Urban Planning from NYU. As a part of the collective of emerging artists spearheading the growing art scene in Qatar amidst this exciting time, Al Thani says “I feel that the World Cup has boosted the art scene in Doha.

Africana, Mubarak Nasser Al-Thani, Acrylic on canvas, 76x76cm, 2021

We are under the microscope and getting much attention from around the world; whether that be through commissions or various opportunities to showcase at international galleries. As for the larger picture, I think the tournament has enhanced and quickened Doha’s cultural development as it has become more of a global destination and a spot for cultural exchange due to the immense diversity present within the population.”



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