Muhannad Shono

Muhannad Shono

Visual artist Muhannad Shono was born in 1977 in Riyadh, where he lives and works today. Shono’s work harnesses the power of narrative by creating and contesting personal, collective and historical truths. Impacted by childhood memories, throughout his early career and until today the aim and expression of his work is rooted in exploring both the existent and non-existent boundaries which have characterised his life. Taking a singular approach, his work amplifies the moment where impact, transmission, and change occur. This results in the creation of relics and symbols which belong to a world all his own and are defined by a constant need and curiosity to challenge the imagination.

Shono has developed his own visual vocabulary and inimitable style, versatile and uninhibited in medium and form. In addition to being the representative for Saudi Arabia at the 2022 Venice Biennale, his works have been presented in both solo and group exhibitions across the world, from intimate drawings to large scale sculptural works, robotic and technological pieces, all of which illuminate a journey he would like to take us on.

I see you brightrest in the dark, 2022, photo credit Eliot Blondet


“A journey through loss, devotion and acceptance. threads of intangible light are welcomed in, archived and loomed in multiple stages of dutiful and heartfelt acts of remembrance and acceptance. There is no sorrow only translucent weaving of memories thought lost still returning, piercing through the night for one more illuminated embrace. I miss you still with every visit. I miss you so I wove you a garment of light and thread.” – Muhannad Shono

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