October 2022– Dubai, United Arab Emirates: From humble beginnings twenty years ago to an integrated design studio and retail space in Beirut, Lebanon, and a second home in Dubai, UAE, Nada Debs marks 20 years of creating furniture and objects using intricate crafted patterns – a signature element that she is renowned for. These pieces have come to resonate with time, tradition, and future generations, becoming collectibles and heirlooms with a timeless appeal.

“We care about the human being first and foremost, focusing on the human-centric values that bring objects to life with stories. My vision has always been to change peoples’ perception of local craft and design, presenting new techniques using age-old craft traditions to create objects with soul,” says Nada Debs.

Sample room - Marco Piranelli
Sample room – Marco Piranelli

From her studio in Gemmayze, Beirut, Nada works with a team of twenty on annual collections, one-off commissions, and creative collaborations, seamlessly integrating local craft techniques into contemporary design pieces that are customized according to individual specifications. For over two decades, Nada has slowly built an artisanal library in Lebanon designed as a socially responsive space, where she works with noble materials such as wood, stone, marble, mother-of-pearl, brass, and leather, crafting them with embroidery, pattern, geometry, and texture. “I enjoy working with with marginal craft communities, encouraging them to further enhance their craft with novel techniques, eventually creating a signature treatment applied to furniture and accessories,” says Nada Debs.

Designer’s room – Ieve Saudargaite



To mark the 20th anniversary of the brand, Nada Debs is showcasing several collectible pieces at the Dubai Design Week from November 9th to 11th, 2022. Designed as a warm and inviting space to engage, entertain and educate, Nada aims to offer people an opportunity to connect with the stories, energy, and emotions, emanating from the hand-crafted furniture and accessories. At the heart of it all, each collectible piece is adorned with distinctive patterns, evoking a sense of nostalgia, rooted in history, heritage, and spirituality – a modern memory.


“My vision for the future is to develop into a lifestyle brand with a holistic approach to craft and interior design. Setting up a base in Dubai is part of our growth strategy, as this region is a leading design hub and gateway from the Middle East to the world, linking Asia to both, the East and West. It definitely appeals to my global background!”


Arab League, Egypt - Nour El Refai
Arab League, Egypt – Nour El Refai

Renowned for her design projects that span commercial, hospitality, residential and institutional buildings such as the Arab League HQ (Egypt), UAE’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations (USA) and the Office of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdulla (Jordan), Nada retains her signature approach to Eastern craftsmanship seamlessly incorporated into every facet, from structure to furniture.

Award-winning Lebanese film director, Elie Fahed has created a striking visual narrative that recounts the evolution of craft, as envisioned under Nada’s lens. The short two-minute film, merging crafted patterns over the last 20 years is a reflection of Nada’s devotion to preserving local heritage, expressing the palpable emotions of artisans as a silent dialogue touching people on a primal level.


NADA DEBS Portrait by Tarek Moukaddem
NADA DEBS Portrait by Tarek Moukaddem

Nada Debs is a Levantine designer currently based between her new home in Dubai and her studio in Beirut, Lebanon. She grew up in Japan where she spent her early childhood and then studied design at Rhode Island School of Design in the USA. She established her eponymous boutique and brand to safeguard the craft legacy of the region and make it relevant to future generations through her signature design approach. She crafts objects that recount a human story and her work spans art, fashion, and interiors.



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