On Show at Alserkal Art Week 2024

Discover the upcoming shows at Alserkal Avenue, Dubai on view from the 27th of February. At The Third Line, Farah Al Qasimi’s ‘Toy World’ unveils an exploration of fear, control, and surveillance. Meanwhile, Gallery Isabelle hosts ‘Rest’ by Mohammed Kazem and Vikram Divecha, challenging narratives on labour and rest in the UAE’s evolving landscape. At Ayyam Gallery, Faisal Samra’s ‘Immortal Moment II – Coping with the Shock’ invites contemplation on the significance of fleeting moments. Finally, Elmarsa Gallery presents ‘An Ode to Intertwined Histories’ by Rachid Koraïchi, a rich tapestry of storytelling inspired by Sufi heritage and literary collaborations:

‘Toy World’ by Farah Al Qasimi at The Third Line

Farah Al Qasimi, Horse Bucking Teeth, n.d., Archival Inkjet Print, 50.8 x 68.58 cm, Edition of 5, 2AP. Courtesy of the artist and The Third Line.

The Third Line presents ‘Toy World,’ marking their fourth solo exhibition featuring Farah Al Qasimi. This exhibition showcases an array of both still and moving images, spanning across both black and white and colour mediums. A horse reacts to perceived danger by bucking, symbolising fear and the quest for escape. This fear is exploited by authorities to establish control, turning the state into a deity. Under constant surveillance, akin to fake security cameras, individuals are trapped in a panopticon. Farah’s debut exhibition in black and white images evokes a historical lens, inviting theoretical indulgence detached from personal responsibility. These images are decoded through mediated trust in networks, detached from the reality they represent. The inundation of images desensitises the viewers, disconnecting them from the pain they convey. Yet, they persist in their consciousness, echoing endlessly. Amidst the imagery, the viewer finds solace in the symbols, without which they are left solitary in a barren landscape.

Location: The Third Line

Dates: February 27 –April 19, 2024


‘Rest’ by Mohammed Kazem and Vikram Divecha at Gallery Isabelle

Vikram Divecha, Resting Bodies (Island No.5), 2024 Permanent ink on handmade paper 14.8 x 21 cm

Gallery Isabelle presents ‘Rest,’ a duo exhibition featuring the Dubai-based talents Mohammed Kazem and Vikram Divecha. This exhibition explores the dynamics between labour, rest, and the evolving urban landscape of the UAE. Inspired by T.J. Clark’s exploration of art in “The Painting of Modern Life: Paris in the Art of Manet and His Followers,” it delves into the historical debate surrounding art’s reflection of social and economic life. ‘Rest’ highlights the crucial role of rest in cities driven by capitalism, desire, and aspiration, aiming to disrupt prevailing narratives.

Mohammed Kazem, Window, 2023 Acrylic on canvas 100 x 150 cm

Mohammed Kazem and Vikram Divecha offer distinct perspectives, challenging conventional narratives surrounding labour representation in the UAE. Through Kazem’s urban narratives, viewers witness transient moments of labourers at rest, blurring the boundaries between focus and ambiguity. Divecha’s collaborative explorations with Sharjah’s Municipal gardeners provide a moment of self-expression and visibility for workers. His ‘Resting Bodies’ series observes how people rest, transforming resting silhouettes into ‘models’ that blur the distinction between figures and landscape. Both artists’ works transcend literal representation, merging visible reality with the unexplored landscapes of the soul, seeking to visualise the realms beyond the visible world

Location: Gallery Isabelle

Dates: February 27 to April 15, 2024


‘Immortal Moment II – Coping with the Shock’ by Faisal Samra at Ayyam Gallery

Faisal Samra, PSF-P5, 2023, Charcoal, Ink and Oil on Canvas, 50.5 x 50.5 cm

Ayyam Gallery unveils ‘Immortal Moment II – Coping with the Shock,’ a solo exhibition featuring Faisal Samra’s recent body of work. In this exhibition, Samra presents the second chapter of his Immortal Moment project, challenging viewers to contemplate the significance of a single moment. Departing from the emotional expression of the first chapter, Samra now explores the concept of “shock” and its aftermath. Through gestural performances and post-intervention, he creates post-shock creatures, engaging in a meditative process that immortalises time while evolving his artistic practice. This cyclical exploration culminates in a series of moments that assert control over the unpredictable, bridging the abstract and figurative in Samra’s distinctive style.

Location: Ayyam Gallery

Dates: February 27 to April 15, 2024


‘An Ode to Intertwined Histories’ by Rachid Koraïchi at Elmarsa Gallery

Rachid Koraichi_Les Prieurs III, 2015_Polished bronze and green patina. 280 x 130 x 7cm. Image Courtesy of Elmarsa Gallery.

Elmarsa Gallery celebrates its longstanding partnership with Rachid Koraïchi through an exhibition running from February 27th to May 25th, 2024. This showcase presents a diverse array of Koraïchi’s work, showcasing his fascination with layered storytelling. Included are ‘Les Prieurs’ and ‘Les Priants’ sculptures, along with unique Corten steel pieces, evoking delicate shadows. Complementing these are two-dimensional artworks, demonstrating Koraïchi’s knack for prompting introspection. Also featured are silk organza tapestries embroidered with glyphs, symbolising timeless seasonal themes. Koraïchi’s storytelling is evident throughout his works, which draw from Sufi heritage and collaborations with renowned poets. His narrative weaves through glyphs and cyphers, exploring the cultural significance of texts. Rooted in a deep understanding of identity and belonging, Koraïchi’s art delves into the profound secrets embedded within texts. Referencing mystic poets like Rûmî and contemporary writers such as Mahmoud Darwish, his collaborations infuse his artwork with narratives inspired by literary works.

Location: Elmarsa Gallery

Dates: February 27 to May 25, 2024

Caption of featured image: Rachid Koraichi, Nedjma, The four seasons, 2009, Silk embroidered organza, plexiglass, 304 x 152 x 7 cm each. Courtesy of Elmarsa Gallery.



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