On Show in Dubai September 2023

This fall explore a multitude of styles by artists hailing from different parts of the world. Fann À Porter Dubai’s “Black II” exhibition, features Syrian artist Rabee Kiwan, Andakulova Gallery is exhibiting “ME tamorphosis of Colours” by Uzbek artist Timur Akhmedov at ME Dubai, 1X1 Gallery is showcasing the lighting sculptures of New Delhi based klove and last but not least Efie gallery is showcasing for the first time the work of Nigerian artist Victor Ekpuk.

‘Black II’ by Rabee Kiwan at Fann À Porter

Rabee Kiwan, Untitled From Black Series, 2023, Acrylic on canvas, 130 x 140 cm, Fann À Porter, Dubai

Fann À Porter Dubai presents “Black II,” a solo exhibition by Syrian artist Rabee Kiwan, a sequel to his previous exhibition, “Black I.” This new show delves into the realm of human emotions and experiences, exploring the interplay of form, colour, and perception. An addition to Kiwan’s creative repertoire is the unveiling of his ceramic sculptures and plates, adding a new dimension to his artistic portfolio.
With a central focus on the human face and its kaleidoscope of emotions, Rabee Kiwan skilfully melds external influences with internal memories, infusing life into his canvases through his trademark visceral brushwork. In “Black II,” Kiwan’s artistic evolution becomes palpable. The fleeting moments of raw emotion captured in the faces encapsulate the essence of existence, inviting introspection into existential questions while stirring a diverse range of sentiments, often tinged with an underlying sense of disquiet. Kiwan’s ceramic works, adorned with oxide colour glaze on kaolin and indigenous Syrian clay, are hand-painted with enigmatic protagonist figures, enriching the interplay of form and narrative.

Location: 20 September –23 October, 2023

Dates: Fann À Porter Dubai

“ME tamorphosis of Colours” by Timur Akhmedov at ME Dubai in collaboration with Andakulova Gallery

Timur Akhmedov, Journey, 100 x 100 cm Oil on canvas, 2022, Andakulova Gallery

ME Dubai, the architectural structure envisioned by the late Zaha Hadid, continues its commitment to promoting and celebrating the creative arts and design scene in the region with its new Cultural Connections initiative, this time in partnership with Andakulova Gallery Dubai. Welcoming Timur Akhmedov’s solo exhibition, titled “ME tamorphosis of Colours,” the hotel’s minimalist lobby will serve as the exhibition’s home from Friday, August 18th, until Sunday, October 8th.
Born in Uzbekistan in 1968, Timur Akhmedov seemingly uncomplicated artworks unfold into intricate narratives, often featuring women and flowers, depicted in a surreal and dream-like manner. The pieces, left untitled, invite viewers to interpret them freely. Akhmedov blends vibrant colours like Asian turquoise, warm ochre, and various red tones on oil canvases, creating a sense of serenity. These paintings elegantly capture and explore human emotions and experiences.
The two-month residency at ME Dubai, supported by the Consulate General of Uzbekistan in Dubai, coincides with Uzbekistan’s 32nd Independence Anniversary. Timur’s artworks will complement the hotel’s architecture, creating a visual synergy.

Location: 18 August –8 October, 2023

Dates: ME Dubai

klove New Delhi at 1×1 Design

Multiverse by klove Installation, 1X1

1X1 Design and klove of New Delhi have forged a partnership, unveiling klove’s handcrafted glass lighting sculptures—a celebration of artistry and innovation. Founded by artists Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth, klove stands as an artist brand that has redefined luxury lighting through its glass sculptures. Rooted in New Delhi’s heritage, klove leads the revival of blown glass—a time-honoured technique that has evolved into a form of artistic expression. Each lighting sculpture undergoes meticulous craftsmanship, honouring the profound skills of local artisans passed down through generations.
Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth, the minds behind klove, have elevated this ancient craft to global recognition. Each klove piece is more than a fixture; it’s a narrative of culture, tradition, and innovation, embodied through blown glass. Embracing the philosophy of “slow design,” klove supports local artisans and participates in design exhibitions worldwide, bringing handcrafted glass to spaces globally.

Location: 18 August –8 October, 2023

Dates: ME Dubai

INTERwoven TEXTures” by Viktor Ekpuk at Efie Gallery

Victor Ekpuk Headshots, courtesy of Victor Ekpuk

Efie Gallery, Dubai’s contemporary art venue focusing on artists of African origin, presents a new exhibition by Nigerian-American artist Victor Ekpuk, extending his exploration of Nsibidi, an ancient graphic communication system from southeastern Nigeria. The show, titled “INTERwoven TEXTures,” will run from September 28th to November 21st, 2023, and coincides with the inaugural Dubai Calligraphy Biennale, in which Efie Gallery is a partner.
Based in Washington D.C., Ekpuk is renowned for his expressive paintings, drawings, and sculptures that provide sociopolitical commentary and touch upon themes such as cultural memory, humanity, spirituality, and the identity of the African diaspora. This exhibition, marking Ekpuk’s debut solo show in the Middle East, delves into the diverse cultural intersections of the region and features works created during the artist’s residency at New York University Abu Dhabi in collaboration with Efie Gallery.
Ekpuk’s latest body of work reintroduces wood as a medium, a material he frequently used during his time in Lagos in the 1990s and 2000s. These wood pieces complement four new metal sculptures and two previously unseen canvas works. Ekpuk’s signature abstraction, composed of intricate script, symbols, and mark-making inspired by Nsibidi, challenges Western systems of language, graphics, and writing. His contemporary reinterpretation explores the heritage and history of the African diaspora while inviting contemplation of the broad spectrum of calligraphy, spiritual art, and sacred writings. In conjunction with his Efie Gallery exhibition, Ekpuk presents a specially commissioned public installation in Dubai Design District (d3) for the Dubai Calligraphy Biennale, becoming the first African artist to display a public sculpture in Dubai. Additionally, in October, Ekpuk will participate in a panel discussion on calligraphy across various global cultures at the Museum of the Future in Dubai.

Location: 28 September –21 November, 2023

Dates: Erie Gallery, Dubai




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