Gallery Statement

Picasso Art Gallery is one of the oldest and leading fine art galleries in Egypt. Based in the culturally rich streets of Cairo, it has been an estimable center for the most dynamic and refined artwork for over two decades. With an extensive network of the most renowned artists in Egypt, Picasso has been a host to vibrant artists and audiences, continuously connecting art to the people and people to art. The gallery has two major locations in Cairo: two halls in the affluent neighborhood of Zamalek, and another in the suburban district of New Cairo. With an ever growing presence in the Egyptian art scene; constantly expanding its services in the spirit of cultural community and richness, Picasso aims to connect art to the people and people to art.


Abdel Aal Hassan

Abdel Ghaffar Shedid

Abdel Hady El-Gazzar

Abdelwahab Morsi

Adel El Siwi

Adel Tharwat

Adham Badawi

Adham Wanly

Adli Rizkallah

Afifa Aleiby

Ahmed Abdalkareem

Ahmed Albahrani

Ahmed Askalany

Ahmed Chiha

Ahmed Farid

ِAhmed Maher Raief

Ahmed Ossama

Al-Zaeem Ahmed

Amani Moussa

Amr Fahmy

Asmaa El Nawawi

Asmaa Samy

Assem Abdel Fattah

Attyat Sayed

Ayman EL-Semary

Britt Boutros Ghali

Deena Fadel

Dina Targam

Effat Hosny

Effat Nagy

El Dessouki Fahmi

Eman Ossama

Farid Fadel

Farouk Hosny

Fathi Afifi

Fatma Abdelrahman

Fayza Mahmoud

Gamal El-Seginy

Gamal Meleka

Gamil Shafik

Gazbia Sirry

George Bahgoury

Guirguis Lotfy

Habby Khalil

Hamed Nada

Hanan Youssef

Hassan Abdel Fattah

Hassan Soliman

Helmi El-Touni

Hicham Rahma

Hussein Bicar

Hussein El Shabouri

Ibrahim Ghazala

Ihab Shaker

Inji Efflatoun

Kamal Yaknour

Kamel Mostafa

Lina Ossama

Louay Kayali

Mahmoud El-Dewihi

Mahmoud Marey

Mahmoud Mokhtar

Mahmoud Moussa

Mai Heshmat

Margo Veillon

Marguerite Nakhla

Mohamed Mandour

Mohamed Sabry

Mohammed Al Jaloos

Mohammed Hamed Owais

Mostafa El-Razzaz

Mostafa Rahma

Mustafa Ahmed

Nashaat Al-Alousi

Nazir Tanbouli

Nazli Madkour

Nora Baraka

Omar El Nagdi

Osama Farid

Ragheb Ayad

Romany Hafez

Sabry Mansour

Salah Enani

Salah Taher

Salma Abdelaziz

Salman Al Malik

Sameh El Banani

Samir Fouad

Samir Rafea

Sayed Abdel Rasoul

Sayed Saad El Din

Sayed Waked

Seif Wanly

Soraya Fahmy

Souad Mardam Bey

Suzan Saad

Tahia Halim

Tarig Kamaleldin

Toka Amr

Walid Aouni

Walid Ebeid

Walid Jahin

Zahran Salama

Zeinab Abdel Hamid


Picasso Art Gallery

30 Hassan Asem St., Brazil, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt

Email: info@picassogalleryeg.com

Phone: +20 102 485 0021




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