Born in 1986 in Cairo, Egypt. Eman Hussein is an Egyptian architect and artist who leads a creative studio that works to blur the boundaries between art, architecture and design.
She studied architecture at the Modern Science and Arts University in Cairo and received her Masters degree at the University of Greenwich, London.

In 2008, Eman had contributed in the Global Architect Symposium in London with a project that investigates how architects operate and interact differently across the world with the globalized nature of culture and design.
In 2010 she started working in Alchemy Design Studio where she started as a designer and was gradually promoted until she became the Head of the Design department and eventually one of the Art Directors.

By the end of 2010, Eman started studying art with the respectable artist Magd El Sagini where she passionately enjoyed a five-year journey of learning all about art. Learning about life and art with Magd was a turning point in her life. Eman’s work was first exhibited at UBUNTU along with other students of Magd El Sagini.