Hayam Abdel Baky is a female Egyptian artist, currently residing in Cairo. Born in 1972 in the Egyptian town of Kafr El-Sheikh, Abdel Baky is one of Egypt’s foremost contemporary artists. She acquired her M.A. in Visual Arts with a focus on oil painting from Ain Shams University in Cairo in 2002, and a PhD in Art Theory from Cairo University in 2010.

She produces paintings with an aesthetic that pays homage to the vernacular culture of Egypt in a style that melds modern Egyptian art aesthetic with a contemporary disregard for classical conventions of figurative drawing. Present and active in the Egyptian art scene since 1995, Abdel Baky has participated in several group and solo exhibitions as well as biennales both locally in Egypt and abroad. Her works are included in many collections such as the Egyptian Modern Art Museum; the National Visual Arts Center of Egypt; the Egyptian Ministry of Culture; the Telis Art Foundation in Sweden; and the Jawarakhpour University Collection in India, amongst others.