Mir Mohammad Fattahi was born in 1987 in Iran. He entered “Fine Art School” in 2001 and graduated from “Sooreh University” successfully. Fattahi first participated in a group painting exhibition called “History game” in 2013 which was held at the “Etemad Gallery”. Shortly afterward, Fattahi held an individual illustration exhibition in “Iranian Caricature Forum” 2014. Subsequently, he was accepted as one of the finalist participants in “Golden Turtle” competition of Russia in the section “Painting: Portrait of Animal”, in the year 2015. Later, he participated in two other exhibitions: The first for “Painters’ Association of Karaj” held in “Iranian Artists’ Forum” in the year 2015 and the second for “Painters’ Association of Karaj” in 2016. Furthermore, in the year 2016, he was awarded as the second painter of “Karaj Artists’ Forum”. There was also another group painting exhibition attended by him, called “Agog Show” in the “Dastan Gallery” (Dastan Outside Projects). In the month of January of the year 2018, he will hold his first individual painting exhibition in the “Dastansbasement Gallery”. The themes of his works frequently deal with death and raised questions related to death. In his works, humans’ relation to objects and the world around, are presented and restated regarding death issue. Along with his artistic works, he conducts some research projects, amongst them writing a book called “Ontology of Painting” is a significant matter.