Mohamad Khayata obtained his degree in Fine Arts from Damascus University. Since moving to Lebanon in 2012, he has held three solo exhibitions at 392RMEIL393 in 2013, 2015 and 2017 and participated in the Beirut Art Fair in 2016 and 2017. His latest paintings feature black and white portraits of women who are clothed or covered by patchwork material (madeh in Arabic) – a motif that alludes to the fragmentation and exile of the Syrian people today. His photographic series Stitching my Syria Back (2014-present) aims to document the Syrian community he met in Lebanon, in which the recorded image becomes an attempt to reconcile their displacement. These photographs were installed on 10 buildings across Leicester city in the UK, for the Look Up project, part of the Journeys Festival International 2016. He has also participated in numerous group exhibitions across Europe and the Middle East, including Syrian Art: of Today, organized by VC and Oxfam in London and The Third Space, organized by the British Council in London and Brussels. He won two grants from AFAC and ETTIJAHAT for his upcoming project To Be Continued, launching in 2018.