Born in Gaza in 1976 Mohamed Abusal explores the precariousness and absurdity of living under siege. A painter, photographer, video and installation artist, he uses his work to make a provocative and critical reflection on the trappings – both technological, political and social – of living in Gaza today. His The Precious 20cm Stone (2016) is a regular building stone encrusted with crystals that is placed within a glass box, to highlight the extortionate costs of reconstruction and the profit involved for those who benefit from Gaza’s destruction. He is also known for his Metro in Gaza (2012) series, which proposed a network of seven metro stops that connect the different areas of the Gaza Strip. Building a metro sign and taking photographs of where the metro stops should be, he invites a reflection on dis-connectivity and de-development. Mohamed Abusal has been widely exhibited including Al-Mamal Foundation and Al-Hoash Gallery in Jerusalem, Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris, War Imperial Museum in London and The White Box Gallery in the US. He’s had several solo exhibitions in France, in addition to the UK, Australia and Dubai. In 2005 he was awarded the Charles Aspry Prize for Contemporary Art.