Nehad Saeed is a Cairo-based artist. She acquired a bachelor’s degree specializing in graphic design, and master’s degree in fine arts from Helwan University in Cairo. She has participated in multiple biennials including the Biblioteca Alexandrina’s International Biennial for Miniature Graphics and the China Triennial for Miniature Graphics, as well as the heritage revival project organized between the European Union and the Biblioteca Alexandrina titled “Noth and South” in 2015. She has participated in multiple residency programs and artist workshops in Egypt, Poland, Germany and Morocco. Saeed has had a number of solo exhibitions, and has participated in multiple group exhibitions in Egypt.

Saeed’s work is heavily influenced by her master’s dissertation project on the historical influence of the work of psychologist Sigmund Freud on graphic design. Her work reflects the existential considerations and questions on life, death and one’s place in the world proposed in Freud’s work in an abstract style executed in large ink drawings and watercolors.