Oussama Baalbaki was born in Beirut in 1978, where he studied at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Art. His delicate paintings, often executed in photorealistic detail, consist of black-and-white self-portraits, most containing a single surrealistic detail imbued with symbolism. His expressionist landscapes, meanwhile, capture both the beauty of Lebanon’s natural scenery and the scars left on it by human presence. In addition to his paintings, Baalbaki began drawing illustrations for several Lebanese publications and also designed several book covers for publishing houses. Baalbaki has exhibited his work at numerous cultural institutions including Green Art Gallery, Dubai, the American University Museum and the Sursock Museum, Beirut. He has participated in leading regional art fairs including Art Dubai and Art Abu Dhabi in 2009, the same year he represented Beirut at the Jeux de la Francophonie, where he was awarded the Silver Medal for painting. Baalbaki resides and works in Beirut.