Sadaf Seyez Rezaei at Sarai Gallery

Sadaf Seyez Rezaei at Sarai Gallery

Sarai Gallery presented Titanium White, young Iranian artist Sadaf Seyez Rezaei’s first solo exhibition.

Sadaf Seyed Rezaei, Titanium White 21, 2021, Mixed media on canvas, 80 x 80 x 4 cm, 31, 2 x 31 1, 2 x 1 5, 8 in

Dealing with the notions of hope and contemporary humanity’s general sense of loss and alienation, Titanium White is a series of striking black-and-white works on canvas and paper where the artist presented us with a nearly lightless universe of unknown colours: a dark, twisting cubic architecture of volumes resembling walls, stairs, and pathways that are only perceptible through narrow rays of light refracted from various surfaces. The resultant spaces are geometric, part-abstract, and part-real. By continuing to paint her spaces all the way onto the four sides of her canvases, Seyed Rezaei activates the entirety of a framed canvas, further playing with notions of flatness versus depth dimension. Her creations are, thus, turned into objects that could be simultaneously perceived as a painting and a sculpture. One of Khor Art Initiative 2022’s artists, Sadaf Seyed Rezaei’s work has also received praise from other art festivals including the 2nd Sateen Annual Visual Arts and the 12th annual Montakhab-Nasl-e No in 2021.

Sadaf Seyed Rezaei, Titanium White15, 2021, Mixed media on canvas, 50 x 60 cm, 19 3, 4 x 23 5, 8 in

About The Artist

Sadaf Seyed Rezaei portrait

Sadaf Seyed Rezaei is an artist from Tehran. She holds a BA in painting from Tehran University of Art and an MA in painting from Soore University, Tehran. Seyed Rezaei has participated in several group exhibitions including Looking Sideways at Shamis Gallery and Figurative at Iranian Artist Forum Gallery in 2019. Despite her young age, the artist has been shortlisted for major national art prizes including The 13th Fajr Visual Arts Festival 2020, The 12th Annual Montakhabe NASL-E-NO 2021, and the 2nd Sateen Annual in 2021. She also won the second prize at Fourth Zhakal Painting Festival for Art Students. Having experimented both with figurative and abstract painterly realms, Seyed Rezaei’s recent works explore the dualities by dealing with light and darkness’s physical properties and philosophical attributes.

Titanium White, Sadaf Seyez Rezaei

Location: Sarai Gallery

Duration: April 14 – April 28, 2023



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