Saleh Barakat Gallery


After a quarter century of pioneering work in modern and contemporary Arab art, with Agial Art Gallery playing a central role in putting Beirut back on the map of Arab art, it was time to meet the new challenges, and reach out beyond regional arenas.

Three years of planning and creative architectural remodeling design work, and the new Saleh Barakat Gallery was born, to commemorate the XXV anniversary of Agial on 25 May 2016, in one of Beirut’s emblematic historical cultural locations: The former Cinema Clemenceau – later Masrah Al-Madina, that is now transformed into a truly modern art gallery by today’s best professional standards.


Abboud, Shafi | Abillama, Ziad | Abo Rebieh, Azza | Abou Khalil, Sacha | Al Kubaisy, Muatasim | Al Sayed, Houmam | Albraehe, Anas | Amyuni, Rima | Aoun, Youssef |Baalbaki, Ayman | Baalbaki, Oussama | Baalbaki, Said | Badr Schmidt, Sara | Ballan, Houssam |Baran, Serwan | Basbous, Anachar | Basbous, Michel | Carle-Catafago, Christian | Charafeddine, Chaza | Choucair, Saloua Raouda | Choukini, Chaouki | Dabaghian, Jack | Daouk, Zein Darghouth, Tagreed | El Hourany, Joseph | El Jundi, Rim | El Rawas, Mohammad  Ezzeddine, Hala | Faris, Waddah | Gemayel, Vanessa.



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