Exhibition view, Sinem Dişli, Sand In A Whirlwind, 2015 (l), Tehran Platform, Al Mashoof, 2020
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Sandstorm – And Then There Was Dust is a transnational exhibition dialogue among seven artists and collectives from Iran, Iraq and Turkey. It is equally a social and activist (artivistic) approach to connect ecologies, of human and non-human actors of these very countries and examines the manifold forms of ecological processes and looks for a way “to stay with the trouble” (Haraway, 2016).

The exhibition follows works on Environmental Ecology on the ground floor, where the observation of the environment enables a realistic image of the ecological changes caused by human intervention and the resulting consequences. These are partly specific consequences for certain non-human actors as well as for human bodies, and realities of completely altered regions.

Mental and Social Ecology is examined in the works on the first floor. Mental Ecology implies processes in our minds, such as the formation of attitudes and prejudices that has a very strong impact on Social Ecology. These processes create ecological dynamics and interactions through the connections of human and non-human actors and thus captures the complexity of the world including environmental issues.

The works examine roots and consequences of sandstorms, which bind the Mesopotamian countries together in both geographical and historical, material, and conceptual sense.

This exhibition highlights the sandstorms in Mesopotamia as an alarming reminder, along with some possible and promising opportunities to show that the liberating and enlightening characteristics of art are among the effective weapons we have to meet current environmental challenges in Mesopotamia and beyond. The exhibition is curated by Sarah Maske.

The show is ongoing until the 1st of November.



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