‘Sayfiye Aesthetic’ by Libaniz Niche at TakeOver Beirut

Sayfiye Aesthetic by Libaniz Niche, Takeover Beirut

From the 28th of July and throughout August, Libaniz Niche has transformed the Takeover Beirut space with an interactive scenography, taking their unpublished Instagram posts to a whole new level. ‘Sayfiye Aesthetic’, Libaniz Niche’s 2D meme format, will capture the essence of summertime in Lebanon through furniture, objects, sounds, and videos from everyday life. Each item will be accompanied by witty text commentary, maintaining the ironic spirit that has garnered them a viral following on Instagram.


Founded by Philippe Matta and Vana Terzian, Libaniz Niche is an Instagram page of memes that skilfully combines elements of Lebanese culture and lifestyle. The content is infused with humour and subtle references, creating a platform for Lebanese individuals to appreciate the unique nuances of their culture.

Sayfiye Aesthetic by Libaniz Niche, Takeover Beirut

Vana Terzian, an Armenian-Lebanese artist born in 1995, has explored various artistic mediums since her graduation from ALBA. Philippe Matta, a French-Lebanese art director, illustrator, and still-life photographer born in the same year pursued a career in Advertising after his ALBA graduation in 2016.

Although Philippe and Vana attended the same school in 1996, they only met in the summer of 2009 and have been inseparable ever since. Their shared sense of nostalgia for Lebanon, even while living in Paris, led them to create Libaniz Niche during the COVID pandemic. It all started with an imaginative conversation over WhatsApp, envisioning scenarios of a Lebanese couple arguing in a car, which inspired the birth of their meme-filled platform.


Sayfiye Aesthetic by Libaniz Niche, Takeover Beirut

About Takeover

Takeover, established in December 2022, is an artist-led project space supporting local and emerging artists. They offer an alternative to the commercial art sector by providing a space for experimentation, collaboration, and exhibition. Their goal is to foster new perspectives and unrestricted freedom in showcasing artworks. Located on Abdul Wahab el-Inglizi Street, the space features wire mesh walls, teal blue flooring, and a street-facing vitrine. The space hosts group shows, solo exhibitions, discussions, workshops, and performances. Takeover encourages artists to freely express themselves and values experimentation, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas in a vibrant and inclusive environment.

Location: Takeover, 191 Abdul Wahab el Inglizi Street, Beirut, Lebanon

Date: July 28 –  End of  August, 2023



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