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“Keep Walking Lebanon” has been a living mantra for all the Lebanese who are trying to accomplish themselves in this country. Since art always has the power to inspire and change perceptions and history of countries, Johnnie Walker, for the first time, has given university students majoring in arts the chance to express themselves and inspire Lebanon with their creative ideas reflecting the mantra of “Keep Walking Lebanon”.

In October, Johnnie Walker launched a competition where students from different universities were asked to come up with an idea, reflecting their own interpretation of “Keep Walking Lebanon”. Out of all applications received, 40 projects were shortlisted and presented to a panel of esteemed judges from different fields. Fourteen of these projects were then chosen to be mentored by these four esteemed judges and featured in the first of its kind “Keep Walking Lebanon” exhibition at KED on the 7th, 8th and 9th of February.

In the first session, we’re covering the works of the designers that were mentored by Nada Debs.

The Walkthrough – Lea Ramadan & Alexis El Haiby


Wall to Bridge – Carole El Danaf

 De (con) struct – Sarah Abou Rahal

The Domino Effect – Sana Rizk