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The progressive Johnnie Walker Expo “#KeepCreatingLebanon” came to end on the 10th of February, 2019, after 3 days of display, crowd influx, and university students giving it their all to get their ideas to touch people, and possibly win the competition. Out of 200 submissions, 14 innovative participants (groups and individuals) qualified to the final stage—being the Expo, where Johnnie Walker gave these university students, from different institutions, backgrounds, and emphasis, the opportunity to interpret the “Keep Walking Lebanon” motto through their projects.

The participants came up with diverse projects ranging from film, fashion design, architecture and interior design, with renowned mentors such as Nada Debs, Bernard Khoury, Azzi & Osta, and Wissam Smayra guiding them through their preparation process, in order to perfectly execute their projects.

In third place came “The Survival Kit” by Tala Fakhoury and Nour Asmar; a multipurpose, versatile jacket that becomes a tool for outdoor activities and practicality.

In second place, the “The Rechargeable Shoe” by Aline Rezian and Eva Rahme. This shoe generates power with every step taken, creating enough power to charge a cellphone.

“Génération Poubelle” (Garbage Generation), were crowned as the Expo champions. Their project answers the question of what would the Beirut riverfront would look like if it were preserved, protected, and allowed to flourish. The idea stemmed from the Lebanese aspect of moving along, accepting one’s fate, but optimising it nonetheless, thus, creating a multifunctional space around the Beirut River where the water would be preserved and cleaned in a tube that is stretched across the area. The empty space around it would be transformed into a much needed urban park, which can be a great addition to the city life, whether it acts as an event venue, or a simple public space for the inhabitants to enjoy.

Génération Poubelle Installation
Génération Poubelle Installation

Kay Bardawil, one of the team members, commented that winning the Expo is not the end of the “Génération Poubelle” project. It was indeed a remarkable move from Johnnie Walker to bring its brand purpose to life by engaging millennials – pillar of an emerging economy – and providing them with a platform to help shape the community and culture around them.