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The summertime is the perfect time of the year to soak in all the best of arts and culture. Selections has assembled a list of must-see art exhibitions in Beirut to enjoy before this summer season is through.

Galerie Tanit | Kevork Mourad, The Space Between

Kevork Mourad, a Syrian-born Armenian artist, is currently on show at Galerie Tanit till the 1st of August.
The show features intricate works on paper which reflect Mourad’s preoccupation with interstitial space, inspired by his reflections on states of exile.

Gallery caption:

Installation shot by Mahmoud Merjan, courtesy Galerie Tanit and Kevork Mourad


Agial Gallery | Salah Saouli, The Seven Lives of M. Said

Consisting of objects, prints and video installations, Salah Saouli’s The Seven Lives of M. Said runs till the 25th of August at Agial gallery. The exhibition depicts the life of M. Said, an adventurer, body- builder, fighter, arms dealer and film producer and offers a parable on the sociocultural reality of Lebanon from the late 1950’s until the present day.

Saleh Barakat Gallery | Oussama Baalbaki, Against the Grain

Oussama Baalbaki’s Against the Grain at Saleh Barakat gallery resists a clear thematic approach and instead presents an eclectic compilation of paintings that are not immediately unified by a singular idea or concept. The exhibition runs till the 25th of August.



Gallery caption:

Oussama Baalbaki, Against the Grain, Exhibition view at Saleh Barakat Gallery


Letitia gallery |  Nathaniel Rackowe, The Shape of A City

Using industrial materials such as corrugated roofing, galvanised steel, cement blocks, and combining them with artificial light, British artist Nathaniel Rackowe’s new solo exhibition, The Shape of a City, at Letitia Gallery, takes the city of Beirut as a point of departure to poetically explore the ever-changing nature of cities. The show goes on till the 25th of August.


Gallery caption:

Installation view, Nathaniel Rackowe: The Shape of a City, Letitia Gallery, 27 June – 25 August 2018


Sfeir-semler gallery | Rayyane Tabet, Fragments

Rayyane Tabet’s exhibition Fragments runs till the 4th of August. Through a performance, drawings, sculptures, personal belongings and ready-mades, the show explores the an archaeological dig led by Max von Oppenheim, a German diplomat and ancient historian, in Tell Halaf, Northeast Syria, at the turn of the 20th century.




Gallery caption:

Rayyane Tabet, FRAGMENTS, 2018, Exhibition views at Sfeir-Semler Beirut



Janine Rubeiz | Collective Show

Featuring works by Karine Boulanger ,David Daoud, Mansour El Habre and Bassam Geitani, the collective exhibition at galerie Janine Rubeiz runs till the 14th of August and reflects around the notion of ” togetherness”.



1-Karine Boulanger, Brume d’argent, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 150 cm

2-Mansour el Habre, 144 x 150 cm

3-Bassam Geitani, Rusty sky, 2017 mixed media on canvas, 172 x 182 cm