‘Slumber Tongues’ by Hatem Imam at Art Design Lebanon

Art Design Lebanon, a digital platform and non-profit gallery known for its unconventional exhibitions, is preparing to host a solo exhibition of new artworks by visual artist Hatem Imam. Entitled ‘Slumber’s Tongues,’ the highly anticipated show is scheduled to take place from 13th to 20th July 2023 at Beirut’s Metro Al Madina theatre.

Painting Slumber’s Tongues I (working title) by Hatem Imam photo credits Vartan Seraydarian

Imam’s most ambitious exhibition to date, ‘Slumber’s Tongues’ will feature over 20 artworks, including both large and small-scale paintings and monotypes that the artist has created in the past six months. Employing intricate scenography techniques, the exhibition aims to accentuate the conceptual elements that have influenced Imam’s artistic process. Additionally, the display and navigation system will incorporate sound and text elements specifically tailored to the unique architecture of Metro Al Madina.

Hatem Imam, a multi-disciplinary artist, designer, musician, and teacher residing in Beirut, has previously collaborated with Art Design Lebanon on two occasions. ‘Slumber’s Tongues’ marks his third collaboration with the organisation and his fifth collaboration with Annie Vartivarian, who hosted his inaugural solo exhibition in 2018. The exhibition has been purposefully designed to suit Metro Al Madina, expanding the theatre’s offerings beyond its traditional focus on music and performance.

Artist Hatem Imam, photo credits Vartan Seraydarian

In a departure from conventional approaches, the exhibition employs an unconventional system of display and circulation, urging viewers to engage with each artwork individually. This unorthodox approach challenges the norms of the white cube gallery space. According to Imam, the paintings in the exhibition discourage distractions, while the gallery space does not foster social interaction. The outcome is a contemplative experience that places the viewer and the artwork at the forefront, cultivating an intimate connection. Imam’s latest body of work showcases vibrant colours and forms that fluctuate between recognition and abstraction, evoking a tactile and lively quality.

‘Slumber’s Tongues’ is poised to become a significant event within Beirut’s art scene, offering a thought-provoking and immersive exhibition experience. By pushing boundaries and defying traditional exhibition formats, Hatem Imam invites viewers to deeply engage with his artworks, exploring new dimensions of perception and aesthetic appreciation.

Painting Slumber’s Tongues II (working title) by Hatem Imam photo credits – Vartan Seraydarian

About The Art Design Lebanon

Art Design Lebanon, a digital platform and pop-up gallery, is devoted to nurturing and displaying the artistic endeavours of both Lebanese and international visual artists and designers. Under the guidance of art patron and philanthropist Annie Vartivarian, this non-profit organisation serves as a catalyst for dialogue and a strong supporter of the creative community in the region.

Art Design Lebanon embraces an innovative approach to curating exhibitions, with the aim of connecting artists, designers, cultural practitioners, art enthusiasts, and collectors. Operating as a boundaryless gallery, it brings exhibitions to unconventional and alternative spaces in Lebanon and beyond. Alongside these exhibitions, a thoughtfully curated program of talks, performances, and screenings fosters a culture of curiosity, creativity, and collaboration.

Location: The Art Design Lebanon, Beirut

Date: 13 July –  20 July 2023



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