So What? at Chaos Gallery

“So What?” is an exhibition that commemorates the six-month anniversary of Chaos Art Gallery, showcasing the works of more than 10 Lebanese and international artists, including painters and sculptors. The exhibition’s title derives from the diverse range of artworks that the gallery aims to share with the public.

Karine Hochar is a Lebanese Mexican artist who grew up surrounded by artistic influences including her painter grandfather, a sculptor aunt, and her father, Serge Hochar, who is responsible for Chateau Musar wine. This environment encouraged her to explore drawing, painting, and eventually sculpture.

Missak Terzian is a Lebanese American artist who firmly believes in the universality of art and the freedom of expression it offers.

Serge Oryan has established a prominent reputation as a painter, sculptor, photographer, and even a film director. Oryan finds fascination in facial features, particularly the eyes, which often become the subjects of his paintings.

Mikhael Fadel initially worked in furniture design and music production before following his passion for painting. His artistic journey has led him from impressionist pop art to iconography and then to geometric repetitive patterns reminiscent of tapestries, all the while infusing his works with a sense of vitality.

Amine Sayegh, a Lebanese artist and interior designer, boasts over 25 years of experience in the art field and has created numerous pieces since 1996.

Amine Sayegh Beqaa Valley 120×180 cm

Najla Hobeiche, a Lebanese contemporary artist, embarked on her artistic journey in August 2012. She draws inspiration from her vivid imagination to create richly colourful paintings characterised by vibrant colours, contrasting shapes and lines, and bold compositions radiating enormous energy.

Marco Ward, a Lebanese-Italian artist, exclusively employs waste materials in his creations. By combining spatial geometry, molecular architecture, and product design, he weaves three-dimensional structures that are not only zero waste and locally sourced but also carbon neutral.

Danny Tannous, a self-taught artist, and pharmacist discovered his passion for the arts during the Covid pandemic. Since then, he has worked on developing his painting skills and exploring various genres, including acrylic, oil, mixed media, texture, and resin.

Fredy Villamil, originally from Cuba, has become one of the most prominent representatives of Cuban arts today. His work has undergone an evolution, driven by nostalgia and reflection, ultimately leading to a celebration of joy expressed through his vibrant palettes and compositions. Villamil’s works have been exhibited internationally, earning him numerous awards.

Eric Alfaro, a graduate of the Academy of Arts in Cuba, has gained representation in recognised galleries worldwide and participated in exhibitions at various events and art institutions.

Imad Saliba, a Lebanese artist, passionate about sculpture, primarily works with bronze but also paints.

George Mattar, born in Beirut in 1961, initially pursued a career in architecture and construction before dedicating himself entirely to painting and design in 2000. His creative approach centres around spiritual subjects, stylising and simplifying ideas and designs. The painting of twirling dervishes, symbolic of Sufism, exemplifies his creativity.

Jad El Khoury, a Lebanese artist based in Oslo, gained widespread recognition for adorning the war scars of Beirut with vibrant street art. His work advocates for universal human connection.

Hoda Baalbaki has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Lebanon and the Middle East. Baalbaki’s art explores the intersection of memory and imagination, expressing beauty through a fusion of vibrant colours, shapes, and compositions.

Bassam Kyrillos, a Lebanese sculptor demonstrates mastery in both monumental and figurative works, employing various media, including traditional bronze techniques and the incorporation of industrial materials.

Leila Sbaiti, describing her craft as a “yoga of the mind,” transitioned from being an economist to a passionate ceramist. For over 12 years, she has explored shape, form, and abstraction, drawing inspiration from molecular and floral structures. Her compositions, characterised by bold use of colour and patterns, evoke playfulness and rhythm.

Stephanie Boueiri, raised in Beirut with a German mother and Lebanese father, is an independent graphic designer, ceramist, and painter. She views the canvas as an invitation to escape reality and enter a world of unrestricted fantasy. Boueiri’s vibrant compositions, influenced by molecular and floral forms, feature abstract shapes, rhythmic patterns, and dynamic black outlines, creating a visually captivating experience.

The “So What?” exhibition at Chaos Art Gallery provides a platform for these artists to showcase their talents and diverse artistic approaches, inviting the public to immerse themselves in a celebration of art.

About The Chaos Art Gallery

Charbel Lahoud, born in 1982 in Beirut, is a Lebanese art collector with an appreciation for the contemporary art scene. With 22 years of experience in collecting art, Charbel decides in 2022 to establish The Chaos Art Gallery, a platform dedicated to highlighting the creativity and talent of Lebanese artists. The name “Chaos” was deliberately chosen to reflect the chaotic nature of our daily existence, recognizing that from this disorder, artworks are born.

Location: Chaos Art Gallery, Beirut.

Date: 4 July –  24 July 2023



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